Lmfao microaggressions. COMPLICITY, ladies! Quick, womb-havers, back to the menstrual hut! We must listen to the wise she/they and acknowledge the validity of our broad-shouldered sisters' phantom menarche, which is stunning, brave, fierce, and slay. Hark, terven! What is a ballsack if not a set of external ovaries? What is a man hole, fellow vagina women, if not the wellspring from which life itself blooms?

The fact that they refer to biological reality as "culture."


When I become suddenly aware of the wet little tampon string and start walking weirdly, I am performing the sacred dance of my people. When I pop a couple Midol it takes me on a vision quest.

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It takes more than estrogen to have a period, even if you have a uterus. Women's reproductive systems are so much more complex than estrogen=woman.

This is a symptom of women’s ignorance about our own bodies. Many don’t actually know anything about how our cycles work.

Additionally, the socialization that tells us to step back and not take up space leads women to give way to absurdities.

Yes a trans woman’s period won’t be the same as my period, but neither will a cis woman’s.>

This is the same as the sports argument. There's so much variety within the female group that it can't be its own classification. Because my lady period is different from your lady period, our different periods are really the same as the dude's "period."

Makes me want to scream.

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Sorry if it was unclear, my friend is trans so she does not use tampons but I sort of just… forgot. She’s a woman, so when I heard cramps I made an assumption, forgetting that she doesn’t experience those specific cramps.

What is it like to live with this level of delusion? It’s like talking to a bunch of anti-vaxxers who think Bill Gates is microchipping them for the FEMA camps so better just not do anything about polio.

As far as I can tell, except for bleeding I get all the symptoms of a period. To call it anything but that seems to a distinction without a meaningful difference.

Tell that the the millions of girls around the world who can’t even go to school because they don’t have menstrual products, and the girls and women who are forced to stay in menstrual huts, you delusional narcissistic manchild.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 20 points

Delusion or dishonesty? She forgot this crossdressing scrote was a man? I call bullshit.

More like "I repeated the TWAW mantra over and over again so that maybe I'll start to actually believe in it"

I do agree, but it’s so cultlike that I fear some of them join in initially to virtue signal and then start to truly buy into it on some level, maybe especially the younger ones who have been exposed to it since they were kids/young teens with very little opposing (science/reality-based) frame of reference, at least in their echo-chamber social circles.

It becomes part of their core identity, like some Q Anon conspiracy theorist/cult member, and they only associate with others with similar delusions as they get more and more entrenched and invested.

I think some of them really are that delusional, unfortunately. Look at the parents who think their 3 year old daughter liking blue and playing in mud means she’s trans. Sometimes there’s a gray area where it’s hard to tell if they’re cosplaying/BSing at this, or if they’re insane/really that divorced from reality, or both.

Lot of narcissism and attention seeking at play as well on the part of enablers. As you said, BSing for head pats. It’s Cool Girl™️ Handmaiden, trans edition. Aww, I offfered tampons to this dude who thinks he’s a woman. I’m not like other girls because I validate you!

And there’s raging narcissism among the parents transing small children as well- it makes the parents look special, cool, protective, and valid/validating within their social circle, like anti-vaxx parents.

I always wonder, especially in any forum for lgbt, if someone claiming to be a "cis woman" is actually a woman. I usually conclude it is not a woman and that is probably usually correct since there are few actual women left anymore on any supposed lgbt site that allows "trans".

There are so many clues. What is said, how it is framed, the wording/phrasing, the syntax, the male vs female way of making a point, sometimes even just a single word that a woman would never use in a particular context. This passage may just be handmaidenish but reeks more of self-defense. This person claiming to be a "cis woman" says a "transwoman's period" is not the same as hers but "neither is a cis woman's". Doesn't she mean another "cis woman's"?

I no longer believe actual women post in any trans-related forums on Reddit.

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This person claiming to be a "cis woman" says a "transwoman's period" is not the same as hers but "neither is a cis woman's". Doesn't she mean another "cis woman's"?

I think his mask slipped a bit 🤭

People like this are just so utterly useless. Wasting our oxygen supply with each breath.

It is totally normal to have heart palpitations, stomach pain and extreme bodily pain on hrt don't go to the doctor. TERFs' want you to go to the hospital just post about it on Reddit just don't go anywhere. In fact the more physical pain you are in the more women you are.


Handmaidens are the ultimate traitors.

Enjoy your head pats while you can. One day you will regret it.

I'm sure she'll be VERY happy to be in a "lesbian" relationship with a 6 foot bearded erection in a dress who cries about having diarrhea cramps

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