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black trans woman


in Japan


experiencing symptoms of low estrogen

Fuck. Off.

If they didn't have good impressions of gaijin before they probably don't now

Also yeah 100% just a man with long hair and bad lip fillers

In one of his threads talking about trans clinics in Japan he says THIS shit:

The doc has a reputation for sexual harassing the girls by takin pics of their bodies so I’ll see if I’m next.......

Fucking hell. Get gender affirming surgery ASAP. Disgusting moid. πŸ”ͺ🍠

Full thread of his sYmpToMs, which are hot flashes and being unable to work out. Fucks sake.


I’m paranoid about transphobia at work

Honey. You don't pass. Like at all. I GUARANTEE you every fucking one in your office knows you're a man but because 1) you're not a local/Japanese 2) you're black, so it's even more racial eggshells 3) Japanese are extremely conservative so no one is saying anything to your face. You're literally flaunting your privilege as a gaijin over them and none of them will be able to say or do anything.

Fucking clown.

Edit: jesus OP you found a gold mine

So I go in and see the doc everyone talks about. He asks if I can speak Japanese and I say a little so he starts asking me questions in Japanese.

He asked me my marital status, boyfriend status, if I had sex with men now, when I knew I was trans, about my surgeries, and a lot of other invasive questions.

I lied most cause why not and I pulled out my letter of recommendation from my Osaka clinic and said he could copy it if he wants. If you remember from my old tweet I lied about having SRS to them so on it it says I had it.

Fucking christ.


Edit: he passes even less with a mask how does this fatherfucker have so much confidence in being seen as a "woman". "Feels c%nt" looking like this.


For sure no one is fooled. That is a whole ass man with all his infuriating audacity and entitlement.

Healthcare in Japan is subsidized, and public transportation and hotels cost a fraction of that amount to use. What a grifter.