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black trans woman


in Japan


experiencing symptoms of low estrogen

Fuck. Off.

If they didn't have good impressions of gaijin before they probably don't now

Also yeah 100% just a man with long hair and bad lip fillers

In one of his threads talking about trans clinics in Japan he says THIS shit:

The doc has a reputation for sexual harassing the girls by takin pics of their bodies so I’ll see if I’m next.......

Fucking hell. Get gender affirming surgery ASAP. Disgusting moid. 🔪🍠

Full thread of his sYmpToMs, which are hot flashes and being unable to work out. Fucks sake.


I’m paranoid about transphobia at work

Honey. You don't pass. Like at all. I GUARANTEE you every fucking one in your office knows you're a man but because 1) you're not a local/Japanese 2) you're black, so it's even more racial eggshells 3) Japanese are extremely conservative so no one is saying anything to your face. You're literally flaunting your privilege as a gaijin over them and none of them will be able to say or do anything.

Fucking clown.

Edit: jesus OP you found a gold mine

So I go in and see the doc everyone talks about. He asks if I can speak Japanese and I say a little so he starts asking me questions in Japanese.

He asked me my marital status, boyfriend status, if I had sex with men now, when I knew I was trans, about my surgeries, and a lot of other invasive questions.

I lied most cause why not and I pulled out my letter of recommendation from my Osaka clinic and said he could copy it if he wants. If you remember from my old tweet I lied about having SRS to them so on it it says I had it.

Fucking christ.


Edit: he passes even less with a mask how does this fatherfucker have so much confidence in being seen as a "woman". "Feels c%nt" looking like this.


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Worth pointing out is that this selfie is in front of the 女性専用車, or WOMEN’S ONLY CAR, which exist because women get groped so often by men on the trains that they literally need separate cars during rush hour.

The entitlement, disrespect, and complete lack of boundaries are so male, so disgusting, and infuriating. And real women can’t do a damn thing.

Also, you’re absolutely right about what’s known as “gaijin smashing”: using one’s outsiderness as a foreigner to trample over Japan’s more conservative social customs. I hesitate to say that foreigners have “privilege” in Japan, given how xenophobic Japan is and how being the perennial outsider in an INSIDER society gnaws away at you (and how difficult it is to do things like rent an apartment, get a decent job, etc as a foreigner), but… he is still a man. And in a society as intensely patriarchal as Japan, well by golly, that still counts for a lot.

At least we can all take comfort in knowing that 99.999999% Japanese people likely think this guy is such an idiotic creep that it’s not even worth attempting to reason with him. Still, it doesn’t change that women have to bear the entirety of this burden…

PS: the word “gaijin” (“outside person) is actually something of a slur. Again, being an “outside person” in a society that operates on INSIDER relations to the degree that Japan does is inherently dehumanizing.

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Oh fuck, good catch on the selfie location. What an asshat...

I have absolutely no issues using "gaijin" for this scrote lol but yeah Japan's xenophobia in general is.... something, and with dudes like this proving their point, I don't really blame them

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I know! It's so hard. With the way dudes in general run around Japan like it's some kind of magical fairyland where they can get hOtTeR cHiCkS than they would be able to in their home societies, it's understandable how Japanese stereotypes are assembled. On the other hand, not all of us are like that-- especially the women -- and despite what that Robin DiAngelo idiot said in "White Fragility," these experiences ultimately got me more hip to racism here in the US. So while it's true that if I see a bunch of Black or Latino dudes hanging outside the deli in the city that I'm crossing the damn street (for me, the unfortunate truth is that I get catcalled far more by these folks than anyone else), it's ALSO true that that's not necessarily indicative of EVERY PERSON from those socio-cultures. It's a delicate dance, and although Japan's xenophobia is off the damn charts (and was hard to cope with during my years there), it did make me more aware of this stuff than I might have been otherwise.

how much you wanna met this moid moved to japan in the first place because hes a pornsick creep who loves anime?

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He says he loves Utada Hikaru, who is famous for her songs in Square Enix, Evangelion, and multiple other franchises. She's a "basic" popular singer who also came out as non-binary in Japan. 100% a weeaboo who thinks Japan is so cool because of it. I'm only surprised his pfp wasn't an anime avatar

Edit: oh lord can you imagine this fucker actually asking his coworkers to call him hime / hime-sama (princess)

Lied to doctors ➡️ Wasn't prescribed the right treatment ➡️ Makes shocked Pikachu face and runs to beg on Twitter?

Ooh, yep. That's a big ass man. Thanks for the pictures lmao. It appears he is suffering terribly from the symptoms of low estrogen, namely being a unit.

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For sure no one is fooled. That is a whole ass man with all his infuriating audacity and entitlement.

Healthcare in Japan is subsidized, and public transportation and hotels cost a fraction of that amount to use. What a grifter.

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"I've been pretty good at staying home and hygienic"

So glad they remember to shower occasionally.

Because they are men and are socialized to think they are entitled to whatever they want.

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If he’s based in Tokyo, why would he have to leave town for “gender affirming care”? I’ve lived in Japan for many years; if it’s gonna be anywhere, it’d be there.

Crowdsourced funding in general makes me cringe unless it’s for very special circumstances, but this ain’t it.

A fucking embarrassment. But at least he isn’t as loathesome to me as that utter colonialist creep who opened the bar Waifu…

EDIT: yes he is. Fuck them all.

So, he needs money to medical costs related to his trans status. How are the TRA saying being trans is not a medical issue at the same time e-begging like this? Last time i checked I didn’t need a doctor, crowdsourcing or any money at all to be a lesbian

Image Transcription

Princess, @ TransFantome

MEDICAL EMERGENCY! I hate posting like this, but I'm currently having a crisis. I haven't been well for the past month and even though I've been pretty good at staying home and hygienic I thought I might have COVID. I tested three times and luckily it's not that. (1/8)

[Image of pink text on black background dotted with pink butterflies.]

Support Needed!

Princess is a Black trans woman in Japan who is experiencing symptoms of low estrogen. She needs to get to a doctor out of town.

We are fundraising $1000 to pay for Princess's doctor's visit, exams, and increased estrogen.

V'mo: @ TransFantome

C$hApp: $TransFantome**

symptoms of low estrogen


No, bro. You don't have "symptoms" or a "medical emergency". You're just a toxic man.

Why would anyone be stupid enough to believe that a man needs estrogen to alleviate "symptoms"?

He's a man, and seeing as he lied about having had surgery, I deduce he still has his balls, so what would he need artificial estrogen for?

Anyone who donates money to him deserves to lose that money. Not that he deserves to get it, of course, but ...

I feel increasingly tempted to start such a gofundme myself. It could be considered some kind of tax for being a misogynist idiot.