Hmm this isn’t even true. Women get told all the shitty parts of pregnancy by all the women they know once they’re pregnant. In fact, I just spent like an hour yesterday telling my newly pregnant cousin are absolutely awful twin pregnancies are.

Regardless, these are nowhere near the same thing.

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How awful ARE twin pregnancies? My mom is a fraternal twin so I think that makes it more likely I would have twins myself. The possibility is always in the back of my mind 🤔

The worst imo. I will never, ever recommend a twin pregnancy to anyone if you have a choice. Mine were spontaneous fraternal twins, which I can apparently thank being over 35 and breastfeeding for. I enjoyed my two previous pregnancies, aside from some mild nausea at the beginning and back pain at the end. I had unicorn pregnancies basically.

With the twins, I was nauseous to the point of medication for 3 months, in pain from about 22 weeks on, and then developed preeclampsia at 29 weeks and ended up with an emergency c section at 34 weeks and two babies who spent the first month of life in the nicu. One of them almost ended up being transferred away from me and on a vent and needed surfactant. I left my doctor’s appointment and walked straight into labor and delivery the day they were born. It was just a horror show. I was in the hospital for four days total and it took that long to get my blood pressure under control. I adore my babies though, but hands down I would take two separate pregnancies over one.

I will have to warn both my daughters because fraternal twins actually run in their father’s family.

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Damn sis! How scary, not being able to be with your babies right away. :( Glad you all made it out fine on the other side though!

Pregnancy horror stories, a time honored tradition for any newly pregnant woman!

Luckily for my cousin, this is her third pregnancy, so she’s already familiar with all the war stories. She was more curious about how it is with twins and I was happy to oblige.