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You are fucking delusional. People are happy when women announce their pregnancies because we're excited that a new child will be coming in to the world and our lives.

Finding out that a friend will now be coercing our language, changing their body and possibly personality is not a reason to be happy jfc.

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Okay, scrote.

โ€œYouโ€™re going on hose-piss hormones and getting a dick inversion? Great, congratulations! Making yourself impotent, ruining your health and shortening your lifespan is the best thing you could do!โ€

It wouldnโ€™t even be sarcastic.

Bold to assume I don't try to talk the pregnant woman out of it...

(just kidding, lol).

Totally natural process vs. cosmetic surgery and wrong sex synthetic hormones. The same in his mind.

This is a woman, by the way. Seeing some people assume this is a TiM. This is a woman that I remember from a few years ago had a lot of Kalvin Garrah's fans come after her for being one of those Tumblr "nonbinaries".

if the 'pregnant person' in question is a young teenage girl who's been sexually groomed by an older man, I sure as fuck am going to bring up all the painful and disturbing sides of pregnancy and see if she's sure she wants to stay pregnant...

And if the 'trans person' in question is... you get the idea.

Broski obviously knows shit about what women are told when they are pregnant and not 100% mommy material approved by patriachy.

How is a fetishistic AGP man, pumping himself full of hormones or getting cosmetic surgery supposed to illicit the same reaction to a woman announcing a pregnancy ? Like Congratulations on your Orchiectomy , you are absolutely GLOWING ????

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I actually think this is a really good analogy. When I was 16 I got pregnant and eventually had an abortion but spent about a week thinking I wanted to continue the pregnancy. I posted online and had a load of people telling me how great this was and how amazing being a mum would be. Most of my friends where also encouraging me to keep the baby and where saying I could do it and it would be great. I had quite serious mental health issues at the time and for some reason I thought having a baby would sort them and make my life better. Fortunately my mum didn't and eventually persuaded me to get an abortion mainly by waking me up in the middle of the night to try and show me what it would be like.

I think gender affirming care is like encouraging a 16 year old girl to have a baby. You are encouraging them to do something that is not going to be right for them and not being honest about what it is like or trying to work out why they think that and what mental health problems may be affecting the decision. I actually think there are so many parallels. Both are encouraging them to make a decision that will hugely affect the rest of their life that is wrong for them. I was also told (by people I now realise where nasty "prolife" people) that my mum was manipulating and pressuring me and didn't love me enough to accept my decision. Again I see so many parallels to a TiP being told their parents are bigots as they don't immediately accept them as trans.

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