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Imagining a female SIM punching a hole in the drywall when she finds out she’s having a son

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Oh no, female Sims players prefer to play with female Sims, how dare they!! Good that men don't seem to have real problemes, I guess, but that's just pathetic. There is one video game which caters mostly to women and girls and it's already proof of "misandry" and "sexism against men"?? And yes, he might not have used these exact words but a lot of comments under his comment did. These males even went as far as saying "misandry is everywhere nowadays". I wish there was a button which would automatically hide all comments from XYs on the internet for me.

This comment got 150 likes, btw.

Seriously, males already belittle the Sims and Sims players as fake gamer girls anyway. Who gives a shit what they think?

why does every fuckin thing have to be or have a stupid ass community?

Woah, I bet he'll change his tune when he finds out how female gamers are treated! /s

Oooohhh the paaaaaaain, the suffering!!! Why does no one think of the maaaaales???

Excuse me now, I have to make a matrilinal gyncentric female only culture and faith in CK3 and have it take over the world.

Uh oh. You're not going to like what I do with my male colonists in Rimworld.

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Holy shit go outside. Why does the sims community snort drama like it's cocaine

(just on the last point tho... I wish there was a batch fix for cc not tagged as female frame only with no male fit so it doesn't show up when you disable the masculine tag in CAS and you have to play roulette to see which dress has a male model and which will remove all your sim's organs and put them into his chest. Anyone here know how to manually fix this? I know some of you play ts4)

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