There are a few reddit tims who claim that cross-sex hormones change bio sex due to the “hormonal profiles” that they create. I remember one guy in particular saying something like “it’s offensive to science to claim that hormone levels don’t change sex”.

It's because they've seen so many shapeshifter characters in movies, the Incredible Hulk, etc. that they think you can completely change your body like that in the real world.

I laugh. And laugh. And laugh, every time I see sexual dimorphism hit these guys smack in the face. And they get mad about it!!

This is a good ROFLMAO:
"I sent off for a 23andMe DNA profile and it said that I'm XY. I'm so hurt by that. Can they re-do the test"

Lol that reminds me of a post (probably on reddit, but I don't remember) where a woman was saying her tim boyfriend needed an Ancestry DNA test that would ignore his Y chromosome.