Tony, cope all you want sir, but you’ll never be a woman. You are a man who mutilated your penis and always will be :D

I see TRAs are still conflating secondary sex characteristics with sex. A woman with small boobs is still a woman, a male having larger boobs than a woman doesn't make him more female, it makes him a male with a boob fetish.

A male clownfish actually changes sex. We know this because the male clownfish goes from being capable of insemination to capable of laying eggs.

You will never menstruate or carry and birth a child, sir.

"ArE yOu SaYiNg iNfErTiLe wOmEn aRen'T wOmeN sToP rEdUciNg wOmEn tO pArTs"

Every cell of an infertile woman's body is still female. Because she is still biologically female regardless of her reproductive capabilities. Take the hair of the most passing TIF and the most passing TIM and run it through a DNA analysis then. We all know what it would show.

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Lmao it was TRAs who started the “but sex and gender are different!!!1!” in the first place - but now all the sane people are replying “Okay then, in that case it’s sex that matters, not gender” so they have to change tactics.

Also, the things he listed (genitalia, hormones etc) aren’t your sex - they are what they are because of your sex but that’s not the same thing. If I have wrinkles cos I’m old, getting rid of them with botox wouldn’t change my actual age.

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But what if your age identity doesn’t match your birthday assigned at … birth?

There are a few reddit tims who claim that cross-sex hormones change bio sex due to the “hormonal profiles” that they create. I remember one guy in particular saying something like “it’s offensive to science to claim that hormone levels don’t change sex”.

It's because they've seen so many shapeshifter characters in movies, the Incredible Hulk, etc. that they think you can completely change your body like that in the real world.

I laugh. And laugh. And laugh, every time I see sexual dimorphism hit these guys smack in the face. And they get mad about it!!

This is a good ROFLMAO:
"I sent off for a 23andMe DNA profile and it said that I'm XY. I'm so hurt by that. Can they re-do the test"

Lol that reminds me of a post (probably on reddit, but I don't remember) where a woman was saying her tim boyfriend needed an Ancestry DNA test that would ignore his Y chromosome.

“Poor” Anthony! Still can’t get an actual female girlfriend, I can see.🤣

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Oh Mr. Erin.

He usually has a nugget or two that is not science or logic or that makes any sense at all.

Today is one of those days.

Having your penis turned inside out is not the same as having a vagina. A male person with a hormonal imbalance is not a female person. A man experiencing the effects of a self-induced hormone imbalance is not a female person. A man who got his skull shaved down and grew moobs is not a female. Humans can't change sex. You are not a slug.

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