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This is a horror show of memories (and his current “thoughts”) from a TIM.

I think that my being trans is working out well for my wife and I so far because she doesn’t care about looks or fashion so much. Like right now for example. It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting with my wife having coffee, I’m writing and she’s checking into home repair videos on YouTube. I’m wearing leggings, and a women’s baseball 3/4 sleeve tee. My wife is wearing a uni-sex tee and a pair of her son’s shorts. I’m dressed in women’s clothes, and she’s dressed in men’s clothes.

I don’t think that she thinks anything about the clothes she’s wearing as a needed gender feeling, she says it’s comfortable.

My wife falls on the more masculine end of the female gender. She’d prefer to not have to shave her legs if she could get away with it. I love the look and shape of her legs. It would be a crime to see them hairy. I’m so glad she shaves. If she chose not to, I wouldn’t stop her. She let’s me express my gender as a trans woman and I am so grateful she doesn’t stop me from doing so.