It's not just growing this entitled little shit for 9 months that would get to me. It's also going through all the rigors, agonies and risks of human labor and childbirth to bring his entitled ass into the world, then tending to him for years. Responding to his cries, feeding him, comforting him, putting up with months and years of sleep deprivation for his sake, changing thousands of his shitty diapers, toilet training him, seeing him through illnesses and boo-boos, reading him stories, teaching him how to brush his teeth and tie his shoes, playing boring games like Chutes and Ladders with him, attending his sporting events, parent-teacher conferences, making sure his needs were all met...

Nobody does more "genital inspections" of babies and children than their mums, because usually it's mums who do the diapering, bathing and toilet training - and it's usually mums who take their children to the pediatricians, tell them about puberty, and deal firsthand with with the changes that puberty brings to boys, from their stinky BO to the crusty stains they leave on their sheets due to wet dreams to their masturbatory habits. So for a male child to turn around and opine that his mum is deluded to think he's a boy really takes the biscuit. If this were my son, I would want to murder him.