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We aren't fish. Fish and frogs change sex but we aren't either of those.

Different species can do different things! Amazing, huh?

He is wrong right from the get go with the "phenotype constructed from traits" BS. He is talking about secondary sex characteristics, not primary sex characteristics. Conflating secondary sex characteristics with sex is an old TRA trick to confuse people who aren't biologists. This guy is lying through his teeth if he actually is a biologist or dangerously misinformed if he isn't. You cannot change your actual sex by changing your "phenotype" aka your secondary sex characteristics.

So many words when he could have just written: i NEED you to pretend I'm a woman or else i don't get good peen feels :(((

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Taking estrogen does not mean your hormone profile matches a woman's. If women only produced estrogen, there would never be a pregnancy. They really know nothing about female biology.

Breaking news: humans are fish. For my next baby I will simply lay my eggs somewhere in the bathtub and my nigel will fertilize them. No more morning sickness, hooray!

No more morning sickness, round ligament pain, sciatica, pelvic prolapse, preclampsia, gestational diabetes, c-section, 4th degree tearing, cardiomyopathy, etc.etc. all these men wanting uterus transplants have no idea what they're asking for.

And yet no bigot would argue that a ribbon eel is still a male after losing its yellow stripe and laying eggs.

Cool. I'll stop labelling a TiM as male when they can generate their own ova. Not transplants. Their own eggs, without any surgical intervention.

It's their own critia.

It simply cannot be changed with the technology we have today, and I don't see any progress that would suggest that things could get better.

All these procedures are really harmful. The entire organism is damaged when it receives large amounts of the wrong hormones and blocks its own.

There's no good reason for it either.

One must not forget that this procedure was intended as a last resort for the insane. Capitalists, the insane, and body modification fetishists have reduced medicine to absurdity.

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Image transcription: r/trans

I'm trans and a biologist. We need to talk.

TL/DR: Biological sex is a phenotype constructed from a combination of traits. When those traits change, they shift the sexual phenotype. After medical transition, trans people do not match the sexual phenotype of their birth. And we need to get this right when we stand up for ourselves and argue with bigots.

Hey guys, sorry for the throwaway account; I transitioned like 8 years ago, and it's nice that nobody knows that I'm trans. I'm also a PhD student who studies the sources of phenotypic change. So anyway, I see a lot of arguments on reddit when we trans folk or our allies try to defend us against bigots, and I think some of the arguments we make aren't giving us enough credit. A lot of what I'm talking about boils down to this: "I know that sex can't change. My sex is male but my gender is female." This might have been true to a 5th grade biology class, but in reality it isn't accurate. Sex is a phenotype and phenotypes can change. In the womb, the sexual phenotype begins with chromosomes which direct the creation of reproductive organs, hormones, secondary sexual characteristics, etc... These product of your chromosomes establish our assigned-at-birth sexual phenotype. But it's also these phenotypic traits that medical transition can act upon and change. For an example: I've had bottom surgery, my hormonal profile matches that of cis women, and my breasts were "home grown." To say that my sex is male because I'm still XY would ignore the combination of traits creates my sexual phenotype, and overall I have far more female traits than I do male. Thus, my sexual phenotype has become female. And this happens in nature all the time. Many species of fish change their sex in response to environmental cues, social cues, or life history milestones. These fish aren't changing their chromosomes, but they are changing their sex by altering the traits which create their sexual phenotype. And yet no bigot would argue that a ribbon eel is still a male after losing its yellow stripe and laying eggs. The fish I study is always born as a hermaphrodite and they sometimes become male later in life for reasons that aren't fully understood. Their "female" reproductive system remains in their body, but it atrophies to such a state that it is irreparable.

Anyway, I think we need to talk about how we defend ourselves against bigots and how we concede that we're still biologically our birth gender because biology doesn't back that up. I'll check in on this post and on this account so we can discuss together. I'm also happy to take any PMs from folks. And I would LOVE for some other biologists on here to weigh in! I'm just a wildlife biologist, but I wonder how a biologist from a different field would feel about this.


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