That's an interesting analogy. Because we all look at that building and know it was a Pizza Hut. It definitely doesn't "pass."

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Ther is to be a website that catalogues old fast food restaurants with iconic designs that were recognizeable being repurposed as something else, the website name was...wait for it -


“Mama, how are babies born?”

“You see, when a Pizza Hut building and a Liberty Income Tax building love each other very much...”

“Oh okay. So what are libraries?”

“They’re non-binary, dear.”

(Somegyn into software development, please say you get the joke XD)

Flawed metaphor:

  1. Buildings aren’t sentient and don’t choose to be anything. A building doesn’t try to be anything but what the owner/tenant uses it for. It doesn’t have any control over its own appearance or use.

  2. The chromosomes that differentiate the sexes are immutable, a building’s primary use is not.

  3. The unnecessary comma in the last sentence is driving me insane.

A more apt (and honest) building-based metaphor would be: This building is very obviously a former Pizza Hut, but it is now branded as a tax preparation business. Despite this, the business inside has no accountants and does not offer tax preparation services, it’s actually a pizza restaurant. They do have a person who claims to be an accountant sitting at a desk inside the front door, and you could pay them to do your taxes if you’d like, but they’re not going to do as good of a job as a real accountant. Potential customers who walk inside and are disappointed to find an imposter accountant are called accountophobic.

The thing is... The building isn't trying to be anything, it's all influence from outside. The building is still the same building.

Lmfao the original greentext for this image disproved this exact logic, because everyone can tell it WAS a Pizza Hut. It's certainly running a different business now, but the building look and structure is still ultimately, unmistakably, the Pizza Hut building. It's the fucking peas labelled as carrots all over again. They just keep twisting it to suit their whimsy.

I remember the original green text! It worked so much better, like “no matter what this building gets turned into, it’s obvious what it really is.”

I can’t believe they’re using a Pizza Hut as a metaphor considering the terfy glory that is This Clickhole article.

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So the originally built structure of the place is the only thing we can count on as durable?

y'know what, that's a take i can run with

Yeah...but no matter how much tax service comes out of that building, I guarantee you the staff gives directions that includes the words "the old pizza hut" because we all know that's a pizza hut.

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“No one argues that” actually in trans circles, they say they were never their “birth sex” and were secretly their “true sex” all along. So was the liberty tax running out of the back of the Pizza Hut?

Exactly! And whenever anyone sees that shape they know it’s a Pizza Hut. Also it took lots of money…

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