have you no depth?

Well that's the thing about caring about biological sex. Even with a "neovagina," you barely have any. Hope that helps!

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 14 points

I didn’t think I could be the only one whose mind went there! 😏

LOL...RIGHT!!!! I literally spit out my drink at "have you no depth". You can't be a TIM and say that with a straight face lol. Apparently these mean women are "shallow as a "perineum pocket". LMAO

Ugh, it really is the new wave of homophobia. The pit in my stomach I got from reading “it’s gross” and “have you no depth?” was the exact same as how I feel when I see some dumb conservative insist marriage “is between a man and a woman” exclusively.

Just say you're a rapist and go, piece of homophobic sexist shit.

You could not pay my lesbian ass to want you. Deal with it.

Homophobia in a shiny new wrapping is still the same old.

[–] Eava 14 points

Why aren't all these transbians sleeping with men? Or other transbians?

Because they' re straight men and only want real women, like every other straight man in existence. Of course they should be respected about it, unlike straight men and real lesbians, they should be open to everyone, otherwise they' re nazi.

Yeppers, lesbians are shallow heartless meanieheads, so I guess you should leave them the fuck alone! :D

[–] mathlover 12 points Edited

If only they would be wary enough to leave lesbians alone and never come to any places or events for lesbians. 99.999999999999.....% of the world (a) knows the men who call themselves "transwomen" are men - forever, no matter what they do or how they feel, and (b) use sex (denoted by the genitals someone is born with) as the critical first necessary-but-not-sufficient criterion to decide whether to date/have sex - wrong sex (for someone's sexual orientation) is a permanent dealbreaker.

This kind of stuff from angrymilitantqueer is just male rage that lesbians won't volunteer to be raped by men. It's manipulative gaslighting that, by now, is getting to be laughable. The men who say they are "lesbians" are not capable of loving, equal relationships. They are not capable of the depth of the emotional connection, intimacy, and passion between lesbians.

Let the larping men blather on. Lol. Lesbians are still finding each other and when we do, the depth and warmth is something no man is capable of.

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  • why do you care about genitals so much?

Yes, why DO you care so much about being "gatekept" out of actual vaginas from actual women?

Because you are heterosexual incels who have rape fantasies of converting lesbians into lusting after dick. Biological sex matters because these men demand pussy. TRAs should ask why they want to fuck "bigoted lesbians" so much.

I'm sorry, there are too many real-life lesbians to count???? WHERE ARE THEY? Please, point me in their direction. Pretty sure men with a lesbian rape fetish who try to skin walk us vastly out-number us at this point. Too many Tims to count.

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