I do get more depressed, sensitive, and anxious around my period because I’M IN FUCKING PAIN. so irrational

“For no reason” is what all men think of women’s moodiness. We have no reasons, just silly hormones make us upset. There’s never a justifiable reason for a woman to be upset other than PMS. Misogyny much?

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Does he realize the P stands for “pre” and if he never fucking menstruates then he really doesn’t experience PMS?

Only men openly talk about masturbating like that. They never have any respect for other people. They just constantly rant about their dicks.

Meanwhile, I mention in passing that I have my period and women shout EWWW at me.

All he said was just the misogynistic stereotypes about PMS . I’ve never cried for no reason on my period or “ irrationally anxious“ ? Idk what he’s experiencing but it definitely isn’t menstruation