Can we as women stop using the word ''panties''. The only people i see use that word is in a fetishistic way.

Growing up, that was the term for underwear for girls under about age 5. After I grew past that age, the appropriate term was "underwear" (or undies, or "knickers" sometimes), and no one referred to "panties", not my parents, not friends, not teachers, unless someone was, say, helping their little sister pack a bag or something. Then the next time I heard it was years later, in fetishistic contexts only. 🀒 I haaaaaaate the word. It cannot be salvaged.

My Nigel called his underwear panties for the first few years of our marriage. It made me laugh every time (he's not a native english speaker). I vote we all transition to saying "undies".

that's what we say! we say undies or even tho the term isnt accurate, underoos. sometimes underpants to be funny, or drawers hahaha. undies are funny

In the UK we say 'knickers' which sounds about as sexy as 'bloomers' to me!

Don't you also use "pants"? I seem to remember getting into trouble with that one last time I visited...

Yup, the pants = underpants thing can lead to some hilarious misunderstandings with speakers of other versions of English. Saying 'I'm not going to wear pants today' would cause raised eyebrows for any Brits.

Soo - he came out as AGP after fucking surgery? That's the only possible interpretation, as far as I can see.

The only time I would be "euphoric" about bleeding into a pad is when fearing I'd gotten myself pregnant by accident...

This is honestly so depressing lol I don't even have anything funny to say. I'm just imagining this poor woman laying in bed next to her euphoric husband and his pads.

Something I'm not super clear on is euphoria. Is this something you're meant to experience? I thought it was like a drug induced feeling you could get addicted to, or some other extraordinary thing affecting your brain chemistry. I don't think you're meant to get it if you're a woman using a pad. Right? Or did I use up all my euphoria when I was 9 trying to not bleed through my jeans? Or am I not getting euphoria from that because I'm actually a dude, and maybe using a table saw might cause it? Because I've used a lot of power tools and no euphoria.

I did get euphoria from meds once. My doctor reduced the dosage when I mentioned it.

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From my experience euphoria is earned through intense physical activity.

For instance- I felt pretty damned euphoric when I would pull my shirt off after biking 8 miles to work in 20 degree weather and see an actual column of steam rise off my torso for a good 20 seconds or so. I would feel like a dime-store demigod until the cold caught up to me.

Then I'd put my shirt back on, go into the bathroom, deodorize, and change clothes.

He's free to get as many kidneys stones as he wants and keep jeopardizing his health for this euphoria.

Poor wife. Hope she leaves him.

Wonder if the "angry" reactions are because she misgendered him or if people are regaining their sanity

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ahhaha I've never used fb(...? if that's what this is from) so i don't know their proprietary emoji.

long story made short: i saw that one holding a heart (left-hand bottom) and, before zooming in, I thought that was heavy menstrual bleeding πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚