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Yeah I’d rather brawl with transgenderists in the streets than deal with whatever this is supposed to be. I mean this is what gender is, women educating themselves and other women on how to best adopt the role of a servant because the be-penised are too good to look after their own offspring. Look at them, a man who changes diapers is “becoming a woman”? So he’s socially transitioning I guess. This is the rank idiocy of the gender religious and it’s not better, more sustainable or less insulting than the “queer” form.

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This is why when women here are like "so sick of these democrats selling women down the river, I'm voting republican because they'll protect us!" They'll protect us as their property. They'll protect our right to be impregnated and servile. This is their ideal, what they want, their vision board for all women.

I started following an Instagram influencer recommended to me after giving birth and she is the positive version of this. The whole idea is "change your mindset!" She just gave birth to her 3rd boy and posted a video of herself folding laundry, bravely rejecting the idea that someone else could fold some fucking laundry while she recovered from unmedicated vaginal birth while simultaneously caring for an infant. No, she changes her "alignment" by typing "I am the perfect person to care for my family. I want to provide comfortable clean clothes for everyone. I get to take care of my husband and children and it's so meaningful to me." She sells courses to women to help them brainwash themselves too.

Edit: I really need to start proofreading before I post.

(I am a third generation mixed-race South Asian woman living in the UK)

There is a special place in hell for women like this. She knows damn well fine what patriarchy does to women. There is an awful lot of work to be done to help women across the world. I doubt her desi aunties or cousins her age feel this way. I will guarantee she will end up with a white dude too because she knows how it is.

Shit I'm bad with titles. Should have written "trad wife believes her husband will turn into a woman if he changes a diaper" instead.

These hot takes are terrible for at least 2 reasons, one is that these idiots are shaming other women for not wanting the child of their father to be a useless piece of shit who treats them as a brood mare but then won't even touch their poor kid. Second is that they act like certain behaviors turn men into women and vice versa which already led to heaven knows how many people [gender-nonconforming people/gay people/women who just want to escape sexism] being medicalised.

Ah yes, surrender yourself to God, the largest fucking misogynist created by men

Only thing I'd agree with in this gross tirade is that women would benefit hugely from being part of a community of women.

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Megha, @ meghaverma_art

Even the most tradiest of trads still wanna domesticate and emasculate their men because their values come from an internet meme and not from a deep understanding of masculine feminine relationships through generations of tradition

Megha, @ meghaverma_art

Re: all the trads who got mad at me that men shouldn’t be changing diapers. Bestie what you lack is a support system of other women in your life and that’s why you’re turning your husband into a woman to compensate.

Megha, @ meghaverma_art

You know how to be a real “good woman”? Have some damn courage to not want to control every aspect of your life and every person in it. Pray to God and surrender to his plan for you. Trust your heart and open it to true love. No amount of flower dresses or apple pies will do that

The funny thing is, these people are as much genderists as TRAs are, but they think they aren't. They believe in Traditional gender, TRAs believe in Postmodern gender, we are conscientious objectors to gender, "gender atheists", non-believers.

Yes, whatever's happening, the women are to blame. Then you can tell yourself that "your man" will never mistreat you because you're not like other girls.

As a Christian, I hate this crap so much.

The bible that people like this claim to read, asks men to literally die for the benefit of their wives.

If God is asking your husband to go to such lengths, then he can pick up his damn underwear and put it in the laundry.

Don't marry anyone who hasn't lived independently, successfully, for a significant period of time. What I mean by successfully is that he has been able to maintain whatever standard of clean you would expect a house to be, on his own. Not just lived on his own like a slob.

My husband did this. We have now been married nearly 3 years and we still don't have joint laundry. We both do our own laundry (and help with the others laundry when the other is sick) and we both work on the kids laundry. We haven't even questioned or talked about. He'd done his own laundry a decade before meeting me. It never crossed his mind to stop doing his own laundry.

I actually had to bring it up because I was worried about wasting water (turns out we have drastically different rules ok how to sort and what kind of detergent to use, so we will not be merging laundry).

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