I want to flood those reddit porn sites with pictures of men and complain if they reject it

Yesterday someone had a post about a complaint from a tim that nobody wanted to fap over his legs in stockings. I want to flood that site with my dad wearing his medical grade compression socks

Flesh colored

Thigh high

Edema poking over the top.

Disrupting their porn consumption might wake a few of them up to the problem. It would also be hilarious.

This handmaiden comment.

I feel like I owe so much to trans women in my self love journey. So much of the dislike I felt for my body boiled down to me comparing myself to how I thought a woman "should look." Transfemmes, non-binary people, and gnc people have done so much to challenge those expectations. You are my allies, my sisters, and my friends, and this space would be worse without you.

The simpering is astounding. When have you EVER heard a male express gratitude to women/tomboys for helping him on his journey to self love?? Men, especially TIMs almost never hold women in actual high regard so why are they? Ugh, female socialization.

On the plus side, I snickered at how this could come across as a back handed compliment. "I thought women had to look a certain way, and then TIMs came along with their gynecomastia and neanderthal browbones and I suddenly feel a lot better about my femininity"

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"I thought women had to look a certain way, and then TIMs came along with their gynecomastia and neanderthal browbones and I suddenly feel a lot better about my femininity"

This unironically. Thank you trans godexxes

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TIMs are doing sooo much for women's self-esteem, for real!

I mean, let's say you are a woman with small breasts, grew a lady beard at age 20, had to move back to your parents because you don't earn enough money to afford your own place, and are also depressed and can't always drag yourself out of bed and into the shower. And certainly don't have the energy to pluck out that beard hair regularly.

You might feel insecure about your looks, and worry that you are a burden to your parents.

But then! Along comes the TIM. He has no breasts at all, much more beard than you that he shaves badly or not at all, doesn't even try to shower regularly, and lives in his parents' basement where he masturbates into his younger sister's underpants. And he claims to be a woman.

And suddenly you feel extremely pretty and accomplished - if only in comparison to him.

If anyone actually thought TIMs were women, they'd be setting the bar for what is an attractive woman so low that any actual woman could walk over it with ease.

And in terms of ethics and morals, any real woman is basically Mother Theresa, Ghandi ... aw shit, I mean ... a very good person with no secret scandals, compared to the average TIM.

I was about to comment something similar, but then you went and did it. It's too bad that male supremacy means that the worst of the worst of all men (like the basement dweller who jerks off into his sister's underwear) will always be considered more valuable than the best of the best of all women.

How tempting to reply with an affirmation of your second thought: “transwomen are so happy with their tentative first steps toward their ideal appearance, they have shown the way for the rest of us to be satisfied with our own body image”

camgurl 86 points 22 hours ago I feel equally as represented by trans women as I do by cis women. Women are women and women's issues are women's issues.

What constitutes a woman in your mind? How is a man's sweaty, greasy moobs and penis a "woman"? These people are delusional.

YH I was not surprised that TIMs flocked to that subreddit like moths to a flame. They must think that they look so much better than those cis women but the irony is that those women are thinking the same about him. Either way I left that subreddit when a older TIM made a post about fInDiNg AcCePtAnCE about his gynaecomastia not developing into mommy milkers like that of his AGP wet dreams.