What is gender if not the roles and stereotype placed on our sexes? Please let me know.

They can’t ever explain what gender is.

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Every time they perceive a definitional / conceptual boundary that drags their gnostic identities into the light of falsifiability they have to course correct. It's tiresome. YWNBAW.

It's crazy when you realize that they write all this borderline illiterate drivel only so they can masturbate extra hard later because he's a reeeeel laydeeee

This really sounds like the trailer for a new Netflix series called Out of the Box.

»dramatic music«
'We have existed for centuries.
We have always existed.
»music becomes sonorously exciting«
The white man tried to binary us out of existence, insisting on women alone having babies when previously everyone had had a go, but we are still here, leading the resistance to biological imperalism!
We may be invisible now but soon we are coming...
»music rises to a majestic crescendo«
Out of the Box!'

This is not a new thing. They think that gender roles/stereotypes are socially constructed. They think that sex is certain physical markers, sometimes also socially constructed. But that gender identity is neither, it's an innate, immeasurable, personal thing, similar to a soul. In the end, I think gender identity is based on people's individual personalities and responses to cultural stereotypes, but they can never provide any definition for it...

In the end, I think gender identity is based on people's individual personalities

This is pretty much it, though.

I wonder if more people would be willing to admit it if humans weren't social pack animals constantly desperate to fit in.

What is 'gender' outside of roles, expectations, behaviour and costume? I would really like this particular genderist to explain this.

No feminist ever spoke out against gender before gender ideology took hold. Ever. Feminists were perfectly content to be put in pink boxes where all they were allowed to do was have babies and take care of men.

"We have existed for centuries"

You know what else has existed for centuries? Rigid gender roles

Well if that's not what you mean by gender, what is it???

Gender, in this religion, is a soul. I think this person is trying to say their soul isn’t a social construct.

I have no idea what he was saying. Does anyone know what he meant by CMV? I don't think he meant cytomeglovirus.

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