I'm glad we have men to explain how pregnancy works.

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I know that my tiny brain just can't understand complicated things like reproduction without a man explaining it to me. 🙃

Literally sums up how men view pregnancy. That’s why they think they can make artificial wombs to grow a baby or plop a uterus in a man’s body.

A woman’s whole body is involved in pregnancy.

Hmm. Pelvis narrower, different shape, set at a different angle, hip joints structured differently, larger organs (also means nerves and arteries in different places), no original space for an empty uterus, let alone one with a baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, etc. in it. No mechanism in men to increase blood volume during pregnancy. These are just off the top of my head.

Also there is interplay of so many complex hormonal changes. For instance the corpus luteum (which would be in an ovary not the uterus) is important for the levels of progesterone that help support a pregnancy. There is also a hormone called relaxin that causes the ligaments to loosen up so the bones of the pelvis can stretch when giving birth. There is increased coagulability so the woman doesn’t hemorrhage to death. Etc etc etc

Don't forget our stronger immune system that keeps the baby from sucking all of the nutrients from our bones and maybe killing us.

Also your uterus isn’t just floating in that space, there are ligaments and blood vessels that are definitely necessary to support a pregnancy.

Tell me you know nothing about the process of pregnancy without telling me etc…

The confidence/arrogance to pronounce on something he clearly knows very little about is gobsmacking.

The confidence/arrogance to pronounce on something he clearly knows very little about is gobsmacking.

That's men for you it seems. Just throw the whole man away, he's clearly broken.

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That has to be parody? Please???

Honestly, even though we need better sex education regarding female bodies, even if men are taught scientific biological proven facts regarding women, they will always choose to wholeheartedly believe their imaginations. "wOmEn CaN cArRy BaBiEs In ThEiR sToMaChS & tHe UmBiLiCaL cOrD iS a MyTh"

He 100% believes that women are gross for wearing tampons/pads and not holding their periods in their vaginas and wait to pee it out until they get to a bathroom. 100%

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It’s so weird to me that the TRAs are so anti-nature. We already evolved to have people carry and birth bodies… they’re called WOMEN. This is about functionality, not fetish… these people are delusional and sick in the head, and the privilege of even being dYsPhOrIc is so off the charts that if our ancestors saw the world today they’d think we’ve lost our minds.

Also, it is so insultingly reductive. Just a uterus? Real women are being reduced to a collection of inconsequential parts while gEnDEr iDenTiTy is what constitutes REAL womanhood. I fucking can’t, man.

Pregnancy involves the whole ass body. Men are so damn ignorant.

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Dontchaknow a baby just floats in a mini uterus water tank and asks to come out when it's ready to party . . . And declare its GENDER IDENTITY.

These people are biology flat earthers.

I love watching men explain women's anatomy, totally idiot show. Best example of mansplaining there is.

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