Sounds fake. Why would anyone look at a "cis guy" with a he/him pin and refer to that person (while talking to him?) as "she"? And if it really happened it's confusion not transphobia.

Everything is transphobia to these people, confusion, compliance, breathing....

What these guys don't get is that increasingly people don't care if "their transphobia is showing". And just as the woman-haters jumped on the TRA bandwagon, so now the gay-bashers will jump on the backlash bandwagon.

Yep. This is what they get for throwing dramatic tantrums when the clerk in the checkout line accidentally calls a hulking, stubbly, obviously male genderspecial "sir". The clerk isn't trying to hate crime you. He's genuinely confused and has no time for your bullshit because there are three other carts behind you, his feet hurt, and his shift doesn't end for another five hours.

Bonus take: it was one of us fucking with him 😂

That's how I read it too. 🤣 Especially the "looking in the eyes part". "You're a fucking idiot Ma'am."