Everyone who says they are "trans" already has all the rights of everyine else of the same biological sex. So of course the "trans" have "special issues", because they are not asking for rights. They are demanding privileges they can only have by forcing others, primarily women, to give up their rights.

This is very true. Trans issues are incredibly diluted in the pride movement. I strongly encourage them to break away and begin their own single-minded focus and leave the LGB to figure it out on their own.

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The article even mentions without irony that there's a separate trans march too. 🙄

Can one of them please explain why trans-only pride events are fine but LGB-only are utterly forbidden?

Also, Montreal’s pride parade was cancelled this morning sadly (not enough volunteers) so it sounds like there was only the trans march this weekend - can’t get less diluted than that!

I found that really telling. They drive away attendees and volunteers with their arrogant, my-way-or-the-highway, trans-only crap, but they also only want to be catered to and made much of. The idea of actually doing real work, possibly for others, that might take them away from their keyboards, is an absolute anathema to them. I want it. I demand that you give it to me. I am not willing to work for it.

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For the same reason male-only event are ok. Misogyny.

*and how come there is no detrans pride?

Yeah, very diluted. So take that shit out of the lgb.

Didn’t Dentons Law firm advise the moneyed engineers of this abominable social pestilence to hitch their wagons to a legitimate cause in order to gain traction and acceptance more easily?

Maybe sue your lawyers while fucking off out of LGB because you were never invited anyway, silly pricks.

Bro...the immediate next article where they had to cancel the gb pride March because there was no organising and only the TIP pride March happened....😟

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Their issues are no more real than their fantasy of being the other sex. They can take their narcissistic lies and shove ‘em.

If someone is “struggling” to get a name change in Tranada there has to be a reason for it. Maybe they’re too lazy to fill out a form? Or they’re on the sex offenders registry or something - is even that a barrier?