What do you even say here, so what she ended up getting raped too? Because "consensual non consent" is just rape. She did all that for nothing, I don't even understand it, how can you be jealous of violence to the point you yourself become a victim.

dare I fucking ask? I know I don't wanna know, but wtf is cnc?

It's rape. Basically men invented a new "kink" called "consensual non consent" which is supposed to be "consensual rape play". Unfortunately too many women and girls buy into it, it's fucking disgusting and insane.

Men are a plague, even worse because they try to make all types of violence "consensual"(saw a post about a young woman who made a video( her abuser probably did tho) of her older boyfriend(abuser) drowning her in their bathtub...). Which makes it even harder for victims to come forwards, because technically "consent". These men know exactly what they're doing.

of course that's what they call it.

"dry water"

"Safe danger"

I want these men to burn. All rapists deserve the ultimate 🤬

Absolutely, the entire thing is gaslighting. All kink is abuse and men continue to be a cancer.

I also was confused.

Doubly so because my husband wants to buy a CNC machine. It's a woodworking thing.