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Building on these thoughts, imagine all the poor kids who are suddenly told that their father is now their mother and that the person who was their father doesn’t exist anymore, that he has a new name now, and that they can’t call him “dad” anymore- that calling him “dad” is wrong and deeply hurtful to him, because he’s actually their mom and has been all along. All the trauma of that loss, confusion, and upheaval.

This is not really like divorce or a parent “coming out”— this is the complete erasure of their father as they know him— even though they can SEE that it’s still him underneath some outfits and makeup, they aren’t allowed to acknowledge it. They can’t “deadname” him. They can’t speak of the past and certain memories because it triggers his “dysphoria.”

They might hopefully feel that he still loves and cares for them despite his selfishness, but all of this gaslighting of children to meet adult delusions is pure abuse.

I would absolutely go scorched earth for full custody if my husband tried to do that to my babies, OMG. I feel so bad for the children of trans parents. Can you imagine just the sheer level of embarrassment? And yeah the confusion for the little kids, and what it teaches them. Just so wrong.

Honestly maybe transition is not so bad if it keeps these creeps from procreating. Of course we know so many men wait until they've trapped a woman with children and also keep their dicks.