Average woman

He doesn’t even know what an average woman is. He is yet another man who doesn’t see the existence of any female outside of the ages 12🤢 to 25. None others exist

He literally tried to claim 'playing videogames all day' as oppression boys/young men face. And didn't draw the connection between that and being broke.

Beyond that, this whole wholly manufactured self pity party makes me want to slap him. Literally zero clue what women experience, only covets the fantasy of it.

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And didn't draw the connection between that and being broke.

Or being friendless and hobbyless.

He has a gaming addiction and doesn't know it. If he was a woman he would still be a loser.

But it's not about identifying into and out of our oppression on the basis of our sex. 🙄

A TIF would have the complete opposite reasons of this scrote sack for transitioning. How do they not realize they just hate reality and want to escape it and it doesn't solve anything by jumping into another identity when they're still in the same reality

all the american women that have just been barred from abortion this year would like to have a word with him.

So is he a friendless, unemployed shut-in who plays video games and watches porn all day? Yeah, I guess there's not a lot of privilege in that, except that his family or whoever supports him seems to tolerate it.

Men are occasionally being held accountable for their shit behavior. Women realize men are garbage and make womens lives worse, so are choosing not to marry. Men have lost, or are being challenged on, a few privileges even though they can still succeed as mediocre losers.

Somehow all of this means life is sooo hard now for the poor menz. Lol. Wish we could make it a lot harder.

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This sounds like a post from a castration fetish predator trying to manipulate idiot men into transitioning.

"I know! I'll just magically transition into a woman and solve all my problems!" Why do they never want to transition into a chimpanzee where they can live in a nice safe zoo, eat all the bananas they want, play games all day, and masturbate in public to their heart's content?

Men can obviously have genuine life problems, the issue is that many of them don't want to do any emotional work to solve their issues and they expect women to do that emotional labor for them. It's not women's fault if a lot of men don't experience solidarity with other men. Also, they really need to stop blaming and objectifying women if they want any sympathy, and start calling out their misogynist friends.

Men are really oppressed mentally in this sense and have fragile masculinity and shame other men for expressing differently.

If this bothers him then the solution is to be a GNC man and challenge gender norms and call out men who bully men, instead of hiding in a delusional porn-inspired misogynist fantasy world of his own creation. This is exactly like TIFs who are mad they have to wear a sexist women's uniform at work or something, so instead of challenging what women are expected to wear, they "identify" out of being a woman and in the process throw all other women under the bus.

This is also what pisses me off about people like this. They seem to recognize some of the existing problems in the world, but instead of trying to contribute to a solution they go and create a whole new set of problems.

It really makes me wonder how much better the world would be if people could actually think things through rather than follow the nearest shortcut because it seems appealing at the time.

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