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Close but not quite. We're not saying he's "another flavor of woman". We're saying he's just another fetishistic flavor of man.

"a free pass to basically describe me as a man" "AMAB = man now apparently" LMFAO. i can't believe we have to share a planet with these fucking morons

"AMAB = man now apparently" honestly got a fuckin laugh out of me this morning. It's like - ding ding ding! You fool nobody!

When you gonna catch on that you can't escape biology no matter how much you rename it or lie about how it doesn't exist. Did you lot not watch The Lion King. "You can't change the past. You can either run from it, or learn from it." There was a reboot recently you have no excuse.

Keep making words transphobic. People will keep making new words to describe exactly what you are, and everyone will know what it means.

ACtuAlLY, as a Disney fan who DESPISES the 2019 Lion King, Rakifi's stick was taken from him (because REaLisM) so the scene of Simba and Rafiki talking after Mufasa is seen in the cloud was cut. When Mufasa leaves, Simba pretty much just runs off, convinced by that alone. They cut the entire moral of the story, so theoretically if someone only saw the reboot, that scene does not exist. This change was the straw that broke the camel's back for me giving up all hope for the remake.

On topic though, I love this. We WILL keep making new words to call out these MEN for being MEN and they can die mad about it. >:)

Fuck me that was the best bit of the old story! I didn't know they cut it (I fucking hate all the "real life" reboots gawd) Thanks!

And apparently "AFAB only" is now the only way for lesbians on dating apps to specify they only want to date women (you know, XX) and not get banned from the dating app. Lol.

I thought even saying AFAB will get you banned for “transphobia”. I don’t have firsthand knowledge though, it’s based off what I’ve seen lesbians say about Tinder and Her.

Hmm. Must be a new bannable offense, which doesn't surprise me. I've seen the larping AGP het men starting to complain about it over the last few months because they realized it's a way for lesbians to specifically "exclude trans lesbians".

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I use OMAB. Observed Male At Birth. It winds them up to no end much to my own entertainment.

If the TIMs in question are under 35, you could really wind them up by using accurate, truthful options like these:

  • OMIU - observed male in utero

  • OMIUBS - observed male in utero by scanning (sonongram)

  • OMMBB - observed male months before birth

  • OMMBBBS - observed male months before birth by scanning

  • OMTFS - observed male through fetal scanning

  • OMISTTS - observed male in second trimester through scanning

  • OMIST - observed male in second trimester

Alternatively, you could just go with

  • DMAC - determined male at conception

  • MSC - male since conception

Malicious compliance. You can try and distort and confuse people's language, and police it with threats of violence or social stigma, but the reality - that our language is only a tool to describe - is still there. And people will find ways to express reality and truth, even if the trans are trying their best to make it harder.

Best example was these girls who put AFABs ONLY on their dressing rooms. Checkmate TIMs lmao

If you don't like the term you shouldn't have appropriated it from people with DSDs trying to talk about their experiences in the first place.

"Don't call me male! I was assigned male at birth!" "Don't call me AMAB! I'm..."

What? Female? Bruh. We need a word and you're going to throw a shit fit every time we come up with a new one.

aw, poor baby! No one playing along? Using your words against you?

It's almost as if the material reality of what you are is a lot more relevant to the people interacting with you and talking about you than your super duper special feelings about yourself.

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