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“Own” my own vagina? My vagina is me, stupid. Not something I carry in a purse. And are they really calling discharge a “load” now?? The male-centric language is not it 🤢🤮🤮

Edit: for all the lurking males who wish to cosplay womanhood better, having a lot of discharge does NOT feel like peeing. It’s more akin to getting your period unexpectedly, but I don’t expect you to understand that either lmao

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Saying you can “own” a vagina is what led to TIMs thinking they can purchase one.

I was cool with the phrase "vagina owner" until i realized it was part of the path to individual commodification of the body parts. This website helped me wake up to that so thank you all

Yes, this particular choice of words is what I understand to be framing. Choosing certain terms over others contributes to how people perceive reality.

And discharge is now a "load" like that gross term for semen? This is what capture by the patriarchy looks like. They can't even talk about their own bodies without male terms and concepts.

something with a uterus

WTF even is that?

Underwear is bleached because our vaginal bacteria produce hydrogen peroxide naturally -- it keeps us healthy! That's pretty amazing, and if we understood our bodies better, it wouldn't be the least bit scary. There's no reason to ever think of this process as gross or disgusting, and it's certainly nothing like semen.

I do remember being alarmed and thinking something was wrong with me when I was younger and my black underwear would get bleached. I kept thinking I had a problem and was too scared/embarrassed to ask, but this is definitely a failing on my parents/schooling. Girls should learn how their body works and not be ashamed by it.

Me too! I was terribly ashamed about it and thought there was something wrong with me. I also thought periods only started when you went to the toilet...I was in for a nasty shock there :/

Wasn’t aware I was an owner of my vagina...wonder where I made the purchase? Or was it a gift? Perhaps I discovered it on the doorstep and thought “finders keepers” ... puzzling to “own” something that I thought was just part of my body...🤔

Also, imagine calling yourself “something with a uterus” how little self respect these women have. Fml.

It's funny how it's never "arm owner" or "belly owner".

I always imagine us carrying it round like a handbag and in that visual it's sort of rounded out and swollen and pale like a haggis and has a shoulder strap. We stash stuff in it from the entrance end.

Lmao at haggis with a shoulder strap 😂😂

I was wondering myself if these ownable vaginas are detachable or installed? How do we maintain them? Do they need food and water like a pet?

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If your ownership of the vagina is giving you so many problems, just give it back to wherever you bought it from?

“Do you need CASH NOW?! Do you have an unused vagina taking up space on the shelf, collecting dust? Come in TODAY and trade that vagina for some CASH NOW! Our stores are open 24 hours so trade in that vagina TODAY!” 👨‍💼🧾💰

Can I trade in my uterus? I hate periods and I dont want kids. I'll take $5.

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This is one of my favorite Ovarit titles (so far):

”Something with a uterus” and “seasoned vagina owner” discuss vaginal discharge

Something with a uterus is very vague , basically every female of a mammalian species is something with a uterus . Can’t believe we went from women to non men to uterus haver to now✨ something with a uterus™️✨.

Yeah, can't even say human or even mammal with a uterus. We're just "something". I'm sure soon even mentioning the uterus will be "hateful" language.

At this rate it will become illegal to utter the mention of a uterus.

I'm optimistically assuming "something" was an autocorrected "someone" but still, this wouldn't have happened if she had just used the word woman or female.

I can also see "something" being a deliberate choice. It could be part of that gendie tendency to refer to yourself with weird dehumanizing language -- gremlin, trash goblin, creature, etc.

I can see it deliberate as I see LOTS of gender trenders say their pronouns as something like "she/her/it/it's" or "they/them/it/it's". Some ever are only "it/it's", usually "non-binary" people. I'm always baffled why someone wants to be referred to as "it". That's so dehumanizing, I don't get it at ALL. I can't even refer to my dog as "it" unless I'm joking.

Do you all remember where you put your receipts for your vaginas? I own one but I can't remember if I put the receipt in the kitchen junk drawer or binned it 🤔

Does yours still have the little packet of dessicant floating round in it???

I mean if you're happy with the product and don't want to return it you'll probably be fine. Just sucks cause you might not be able to deduct your vag purchase from your taxes :/

This reads like males thinking they are demonstrating superior knowledge of female biology. It certainly doesn’t sound ANYTHING like something the women I know would write in describing their own bodies.

I agree, I've never seen another woman be so disgusting about the female body like this.

I feel like only a male could suggest vaginal discharge is similar/the same as semen and could actually call it a “load” 🤮

How can it be a load? Mine doesn't spooge out of me during moments of pleasure. It just sort of oozes into my pants gradually all day.

Same. It’s just the vagina cleaning itself...nothing like male genital secretions, which involve arousal and orgasm. Why are some people (men and their handmaidens) so painfully ill informed and stupid? 🙄

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