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Woah what is this insanely based sub?? Subscribed immediately, they hate porn and surrogacy and the erasing of our language so i guess their days are numbered. The AGPs like bardfinn who is also a deranged and violent wife beater are likely already on it.

If you're interested by those, there is r/fourthwavewomen which is totally based too. I don't know how long either of them is gonna last, but if any of you wanna give some invite codes, they should be fishing there. Honestly even in TwoXChromosomes where TRAs took control, you'll still see some based comment from newbies to feminism, when they try to make sense of all of it, and discover that their personal story, is every woman's story. Also, don't be afraid to give up invite codes, mods here will take down anyone suspicious, they'll look after that.

Hah, just got banned from txc. For mansplaining and apparently hating women....

When I asked the mod about why, since I hadn't posted anything that shouldn't be allowed, and never got an answer. At one point they went all "you know I can see that you used to post to gender critical" as if that was reason enough.

There's a terfy female antinatalism sub? Christmas has come very early this year

Very excited to see this sub too. I bet it will be banned for "hate" though, for acknowledging that biology exists. Such is reddit these days

It'll be banned not because they say biology is a thing, many other subs say that too and they're not banned. It'll be banned because it's a space for women, women who won't automatically throw themselves under the bus for men, and Reddit can't have that.

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The up and down votes are strongly in the direction of sanity and common sense. Yay non-insane redditors.

I appreciated seeing this comment especially:

As a GNC desister with GD I completely agree with what they said. There ARE some women who dont have GD who transition to escape misogyny only to detrans later on when they realize they cannot truly escape misogyny. It is "valid" as how you woke people say it.

Looking at your comment history you guys sure do hate detrans folks do you? Fuck outta here with that detransphobic shit. You types of folks like to dismiss detrans experiences because it doesnt fit in your woke rhetoric and just call them terfs without listening to what they have to say. And it actually makes sense to call you detransphobic because listening to what these detrans folks have to say actually scares you.

Also, what they said does not attack nor disrespect peoples identities, they are referring to a certain specific type of women those of which who transitioned due to misogyny, it does not invalidate transmen who transitioned due to GD and are happily transitioned.

Calling out detransphobia 😍🤩

I’m so very pleasantly surprised to see this sub on preddit (🤮) of all places! Unfortunately I doubt it will be up for long - wonder if any of those women are here on Ovarit?

I don't know, but many seem like they deserve some invite codes

I agree! Nice to see women standing up to this misogynistic nonsense - I’m sure many of them would benefit from this TIP free zone 🤷🏻‍♀️

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So many based comments. I sense the thread won't be up tomorrow.

Here it is an archived version for the future.

[ Edit 8 minutes after] OP deleted his post, LMAO

Anyone get the feeling this sub is more TERF-y rather than procreation is immoral?

How about let’s focus on the idiotic idea that having a baby is a good thing for women, rather than having a pity party about being a woman specifically? And try really reaaaaaally hard not to insult trans people?

That sub is fierce. I don’t know how long they’ll be up, but it’s nice to know there’s some truth on Reddit.

Who else wants to take shots for everytime someone calls someone a terf after being told how it's a slur and to stop using it.

We'll be fucking wasted though, so for serious day drinkers only. Or people wanting to delete that much bullshit from their brains again.

TIFs can be ruthless.

Unless this is a dude who period LARPs.

I thought it was another “butch transbian” who posts in actuallesbians at first, but with the period talk, I guess this is another real woman ready to throw other women under the bus with her brainless TRA/MRA talking points.

Some people don’t victimize themselves and don’t think oppression pity party=womanhood.

What a 🤡🤡🤡…then she’s got a couple other handmaidens trying to control everyone’s language. “Omg, I didn’t know this sub was tErFy!” 🤡 The entire fucking sub exists to discuss biological realities of womanhood and their implications under sex-based oppression, and they’re just putting on their clown shoes. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Sub is absolutely too based. Set your timers, ladies. Could be worth bracing ourselves to send invites when the sub is inevitably in hot water.

Thanks for sharing this sub...I hardly look at preddit any more, and I'm not sure if I'm an antinatalist (although blessedly childfree) but these women seem refreshingly sane and not part of the gender cult.