God, is the author of this fucking shitshow article trolling? He must be. How many "heroes to villains" were listed? 10? And, of these 10 "heroes to villains" how many were male? 9. And, what horrific deeds were these 9 responsible for? Murder. Nazi collaboration & treason. Rape. And, who was the 10th "hero to villain"? A female...JK Rowling. And her horrific deed? Tweeting that sex is binary, child safeguarding is important, and girls and women deserve female-segregated spaces, services, and sports.

What a world...

[–] Genevieve 15 points Edited

I can't express how stupid adding JK to this list is. It's like they're trying to brainwash those that still haven't been brainwashed into thinking she's the devil by associating her with these actual predators and bad men. Adding her to this list of men, at the end, is so ridiculous. Trying to equate her stance in any way to these actual criminals, murderers, and rapists is so low.

If they wanted to keep it contemporary, there's plenty of men to choose from. Especially considering that Marilyn Manson exists, as well as Johnny Depp. I guess it's not popular to call them out just yet. R. Kelly was really admired for his talent... I haven't checked, but I'm sure they have a recently compiled list of the best Johnny Depp movies to watch, or which Johnny Depp movie character is your soulmate or some crap like that.

Again the narrative that women stating their opinions and saying no to things is not only violence but equivalent to actual violence commited by men

Was this piece written just to put the weird JKR bit in? Do they have to meet a quota of articles bashing her to get funding? Or is the author just that bad at reading the room? At a time when others are changing their tune, BuzzFeed lags behind...

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 2 points

Buzzfeed, even though it seems like a TRA bastion, cares about money the most. They still feature Harry Potter quizzes, just with a disclaimer that “wahhhh Rowling is mean” My guess? They will fold and pretend they never supported the trans shit, probably within 5 years- if their business even lasts that long.

Buzzfeed, even though it seems like a TRA bastion, cares about money the most.

Just gotta note that there's no contradiction here; transactivism is all about the money.

[–] Riothamus scrote 8 points

We're witnessing an extended Extinction Burst.

While extinction, when implemented consistently over time, results in the eventual decrease of the undesired behavior, in the short term the subject might exhibit what is called an extinction burst. An extinction burst will often occur when the extinction procedure has just begun. This usually consists of a sudden and temporary increase in the response's frequency, followed by the eventual decline and extinction of the behavior targeted for elimination. Novel behavior, or emotional responses or aggressive behavior, may also occur.[1]

Once these tantrums subside our precious TRAs will have to get used to being treated Just Like Other People.

Absurdity. On a side note, I saw a thread about Rowling on Preddit /r/books where the TRAs showed up like always... and most people defended Rowling and said she didn't do anything wrong. A couple of people mentioned they heard Rowling was this awful bigoted person, then they found it was because she doesn't like being called "vagina haver" and couldn't believe all that outrage was over nothing.

It was in the middle of the night, the mods must have been asleep... they locked the thread and censored the wrongthink in the morning, of course.

A bunch of murdering, raping men plus one woman who dared to say things. JKR is the woman who dared to speak.

How about Bruce Gender, who was once a heroic Olympic track athlete who went on to kill somebody with his pickup truck, and then all of a sudden the would be defendant “ceases to exist” in California. Because he “died” and was “reincarnated” into the world of the stunning and brave.

How about the Flash kidnapped and brainwashed an Indigenous girl. Some hero. Yet he gets to score victim points because the mean bully cops who had arrested him previously for public intoxication and disorderly conduct misnomered his pwecious pwonouns.

But no, burn the witch of Hogwarts Academy instead because she recognizes how damaging this scam truly is.

How racist. There were no Nazis that used to be heroes. They were racist, sexist homophobic murderers. Rowling doesn’t belong in the same sentence with them, let alone that shitty listicle.

I think we should compile our own list. All the famous dead males who made misogyny seem not only normal, but natural.

Problem is, it would take up most of the internet.

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