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I would pay good money to hear him explain Nonbinary-I wanna laugh too!!

It's the only way to respond to them, in my opinion. No point in arguing with them, they all just spew the same three voicelines on repeat. Laugh in their face, that's all this fad is worth.

Now I need to go practice my stfu-say-absolutely-nothing face for when I meet some of these in my workplace at some point. I don't want to lose my livelihood 🙄 I need to repress my instinctual (and very reasonable) response in that specific situation. How sad is that.

I seriously can't believe this woman is in the bathroom crying...not because she works at Spencers, but because customers laughed at her made up religion. When I tell people I'm a Pastafarian, sometimes they laugh at me too.

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Does anyone else feel annoyed by the comment responding?

As if homophobia were over.

As if Pride weren't overrun by violent fetishistic lunatics.

As if being a made up minority even remotely compared.

Edited to fix typos. I'm getting over a cold.

Yes, exactly. Homophobia runs rampant in more rural areas (here in the USA), so I get so tired of the attitude of “homophobia is over!” because it definitely is not.

I can't read "my pronouns were on my lanyard" without hearing it in the whiniest, least resilient little kid voice I can imagine.

I was shopping with a relative a while back, and there was a teenager with no less than five he/him pronoun pins on her lanyard at the register. She had the biggest attitude problem I've seen in a good long while, and after we left my relative was commenting on her attitude problem. When I brought up the pronoun pins, not only had they not noticed at all, but they went "I never would have guessed she was trying to be a boy!"

Love to see it.

This reminded of how a few years ago, I was shopping at a store and when I went to the checkout counter, there was a woman with short hair and he/him pins on her uniform and after she put my items in a bag, she said "my name is Sebastian, he/him, have a good day". It was such a weird thing to usher in.

Honestly I would probably have thought that was some sort of tic or something five years ago if someone said that to me.

Of course the same girls are also faking Tourette's nowadays.... le sigh

Based customer was obviously supportive of sexual orientations, he asked for a pride flag. But NB? Hahahahahahahaha! Nonsense!

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