She looks a hundred times better than he does. I don't like to criticize women's appearances but he's not a woman, so I will submit my opinion that he looks terribly sloppy, posseses an absolutely strange, bulbous, protruding and strangely bisected gut, that he has jowls which strongly suggest his truest and most honest identity is a melted candle, appears to be aping the posture and gait of popular boy ninja Naruto Uzumaki mid-run, and that he is in no way attractive enough to pull off that haircut. He looks like someone has kidnapped a German tourist, divested him cruelly of his Birks, white ankle socks and camera, and then subjected him to some kind of dire public humiliation for reasons unbeknownst even to God.

He also looks terrible in it, not flattering at all. While I’m all for people wearing what’s comfortable, even if it’s not flattering, that dress ain’t it. Do these guys really believe they look good?

If they do it's only because they're falling for their own Emperor's New Clothes. Everyone is telling them how stunning and beautiful they look, and it's kind of human nature to go along with that kind of thing. Like I guarantee you this trans rights stuff wouldn't have gotten this far if it weren't for all the allies and handmaidens doing the bulk of the hard work silencing the people trying to point out that the emperor is naked.

Honestly, how do they not realize how absolutely condescending it is to be constantly told they look stunning and beautiful when they clearly don't? They are treated like a little child who shows you their childlike drawing and is being praised for a masterpiece when everyone knows it's not.

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Who’s the lardbelly dick owner? Looks like Trump on a bad hair day.

Imo that dress doesn’t do anyone any favours, but he looks ridiculous in it.

He looks like he's wearing a black bra under it too. Nude bras only my friend!