Lol, preventing transwomen from entering my (lesbian) spaces would be a boon to my safety and confidence. If that's the "consequence" of this bubble bursting, then watch out, I'm gonna launch an extra spiky cactus on it.

AGP males are heterosexual. They know nothing of gay struggles and they are not our allies. The sooner they are barred from gay spaces, the safer we will be.

conflates gay with transgender.

LGB without the T still has overwhelming support.

LGBTQ people will never be acceptable to certain people. We should not waste our time imagining ways in which we can carry ourselves, bend, twist, dress, or act that will make them accept us.

The reasons why LGB people will never be acceptable to certain people and the reasons why TQ people will never be acceptable to certain people are not the same. Wanting to avoid being harmed for being attracted to adults of the same sex is not the same as wanting to force the world to treat you like you're the opposite sex.

And this writer sees nothing wrong whatsoever with "trans activism for children." Yeah, sorry. The reason "acceptance" is plummeting is because these militant freaks are pushing this crap on kids.

I bailed as soon as she said “queer”.

I’m not wasting my time on bullshit that uses that word.

More forced teaming between LGB and the T.

I think support for gay rights will stay, most people realize it’s the T that’s the problem. The T is even aware it’s the problem but refuses to decouple from LGB. They’re making it so they both go down.

I should've tagged this #LGB drop the T, it seems the T is holding on for dear life on the LGB with all of these "no LGB without the T" posts and hate against groups like the LGB alliance.

the relentless messaging from conservative politicians have begun to erase support for trans people across the board

Nope, that's not the reason.

For example, he [James Kirchick] mocks asexuals and fat pride, among other ideas he considers outside the range of acceptability and is quick to draw a distinction between gay men and lesbians on one side and transgender people on the other.

No shit, Sherlock. 'Fat pride' is not a celebration of a kind of sexuality. Asexuality is not a kind of sexuality. Being transgender is not a kind of sexuality. Does this man not even understand the words he writes?

Asexuality is not a kind of sexuality.

This. Asexuality is a kind of sexuality like "off" is a kind of TV channel.

Especially since most “asexuals” still pair up with the opposite sex.

Hmm. SOMETHING must be driving that attraction….

Yeah I saw something called "fat- identifying" and I just thought, let the flood come now because humans are LOST.

Trans activism seems to have take a lot of cues from fat pride activism, and now fat pride activism appears to be returning the favor. They refer to non-plus-size clothing as "straight sized" and I couldn't figure that out until I realized it's an attempt to queer fatness. Obesity isn't "queer," it's obesity. And it's hardly unusual in the West these days. Not much queer or different about it.

Nothing belongs with LGB except LGB. T in particular, but a lot of other aspects of Q, are dragging LGB down with them.

"Fat-identifying". Yikes. So, is that what we're calling anorexics and bulimics now? The new language of the pro-ana/pro-mia or body dysmorphia pride movement?

Situation: Ophelia is objectively 77 pounds but because weights and measures are a social construct, she can identify as 277 pounds on the moon, and get gastric bypass surgery.

Where's that damn giant meteor already?

Does this man not even understand

I mean, there’s the answer

The laughable logic we are supposed to accept here seems to be that people want so badly to be open-minded but then see a trans person who is ‘wrong’ and change their minds. Oh! They were so close to accepting us, but a tranny yelled at them, and now they’re a bigot, where they totally weren’t before. Just as they were extremely interested in women’s collegiate athletics before a trans swimmer won one match one time.

Yep. That's pretty much what happened.

Since those descriptions are just very passive ways to describe doxing, death threats, nailing kittens to rape shelters , embezzling resources from vunerable women and destroying their careers and lifes work.

Note the particularly drastic shift in attitudes toward participation in sports and bathroom access. Bathroom access was a battle trans people might have rightly felt we had won only a few years ago.

Is this true? Did bathroom access seem “won” by TRAs a few years ago?

Cool. Keep doing what you're doing then, TRAs. The more people hear your bullshit the more people become TERFS.