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Based af OP though

Also that pfp is so fucking male lmao good he's castrated I guess

Being a male scrote and comparing sexual organs to cars, name a more iconic duo

If he thinks the surgically created mangina (man hole? lol) looks better than a real vag, he is living in cloud coocoo land. I made the mistake of checking out the porn sub man made vaginas or some shit and some were so bad i had to stop because i was getting a panic attack. Mutilated genitals, that's all they are. And you can very clearly see what the penis head used to be and suffice to say, female labia DO NOT look like spread out ballsack tissue, which is literally what they do.

They go from comparing penises to comparing fauxginas and think they can pass for women 🤡

Also, he's both male and incredibly stupid, him using the name Minerva for himself is embarrassing

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Imagine being such a dumbass male that you think neo vagina's aren't know for smelling like actual shit and genuinely think neovags are self cleaning. Vagina's come in so many different looks and neovaginas still fail to look natural, they do not function as real vaginas and anyone who has been with a woman would see that.

People try and be nice with the whole "oh it doesn't smell like a cis vagina because different bacteria" it smells like shit and wound, don't bullshit.

Once again males try and fail to be women

They're not even in the right fucking place. LOL no woman has a vulva at the front of her body

LITERALLY, men have proven that they are dumb/ignorant as shit about this stuff and they still convince themselves.... Honestly none of them look natural, and you think that would be saying a lot considering how different women's privates in general can be, but like no literally none of them act, look or feel natural and multiple people who have tried to be "trans inclusive" in their sex have admitted that.

I hate how he talks about vaginas as products that come from a factory.

His inverted penis is like a 1998 Chevy Malibu with a shitty Lamborghini body kit. Everyone knows it's fake and you look stupid. Nobody wants a ride in that car.

90s Malibu is still hands down the shittiest car I've ever suffered through driving, and I'm so glad I didn't own it. I can't believe how accurate your comparison is, it hurts.

You know what - we shouldn’t argue with these TIMs but encourage them to think like this. Then they can all harass each other and leave us alone!