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The only time "trans" males care about disclosing early on, when meeting someone for dating/sex, is when they are going to have sex with a het man. They are quite rightly concerned about being beaten or killed by a man they deceive about their sex. There is absolutely no concern at all about engaging in sex or starting a relationship based on a lie. If they can get away with it, they will.

But most "trans" males are heterosexual and seek women for dating/sex - preferentially lesbians. Fortunately, it is almost impossible for them to get to the point of having sex without being clocked and rejected for dating and sex by any lesbian. It takes no more than a few minutes being with "trans" males to clearly recognize they are men. They know they can't successfully deceive lesbians but they all fantasize about it and would if they could. Which is rape by deception. Which they would all do at any opportunity.

Yeah, the way they usually end up sleeping with actual lesbians is when the woman for some reason allows him to come to her home or goes to his. He then makes her do sex acts (i.e. rapes her) before he will leave or allow her to leave.

This is why it's super important to NEVER meet a stranger anywhere but a public place, even if you have every reason to believe they are female.

It has happened to lesbians who believed they were meeting an actual woman from a dating app or who had even had long online relationships with someone they thought was really female. I have seen at least two women post about this happening to them over the years.

Trans people have literally been arrested for it already - so lurkers reading this, don’t be a rapey skid mark. If you pull this shit, you’re a rapist. Sex requires informed consent.

In fairness they probably have a pretty skewed idea of what informed consent actually means though given all the post-op complications, no follow up care/ghost doctor horror stories you read.

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Rape by deception is the entire point of passing as the opposite sex.

"family and a few doctors?" LOL, nah bro, everyone knows you're a scrote.

God they make me sick. Such a definite rapey mindset. They may identify as women, but their morals and psyche (and body 😄) will always be male through and through.

TIFs too. Seen too many posts about them trying to get gay men to fuck them. They're all assholes.

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There are types of reactions when they disclose. People who don't mind and are still willing to have sex and people who don't want sex after disclosure.

However, a lot of transpeople don't care if their sexual partners are willing or unwilling. They just want to increase their chances at sex as much as possible.

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TIMs are probably more excited by the prospect of rape than consensual sex.

They speak casually abut rape by deception a lot on the reddit trans subreddits. I even saw one the other day where a guy asked about having a marriage where the husband never finds out.

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“Why should I disclose that you are trans”

Who the hell is this fuckwit talking about?