I hope a TiM swipes him!

That would be just perfect.

The TIM, with his male upper body strength, needs only go to the gym one time a week to look as if he goes four times (I mean, actually, actually, you don't get more muscle by going to the gym more often, it doesn't work like that, but entitled asshat clearly has no clue, anyway)

Since entitled asshat here wants oral sex (and certainly doesn't want to go down on a woman) he can have a long and happy relationship with a TIM without ever noticing said TIM is not a woman.

TIM also has higher likelyhood of earning a lot and having his own apartment.

TIM probably doesn't want to cook for entitled asshat, but maybe will do it for the validation of being in a relationship with a hetero dude?

It would be a match made in heaven.

"DeVoTe As MuCh TiMe As PoSsIbLe To Me" while demanding 70k and 4 times a week at the gym. Sure Jonathan.

Yet he lists not a single attribute he would bring to the table. What’s his pay? How tall is he? How often does he go to the gym? Is he a champion at going down on women?

[–] catspyjamas1 8 points Edited

Well, he does seem to be a shoesalesman, owns sunglasses and a hat and can grow a beard. Potentially, his housing situation is not very stable (since one must be able to put him up).

Also - is not a great speller.

Big moobs.

Oh wait, that’s not hot.

Yeah, he got nothing.

[–] GCRadFem 27 points

Neckbeard to boot.

What a catch.

Do men honestly think neck beards are attractive to women? It just makes me think men who grow their beards like this shower once a week, if at all. God knows the things that are trapped in that shrub. 🤢

[+] [Deleted] 14 points

Lmfao, the women who meet all of those criteria have no time (or interest) for you, dude.

This for real looks like bait to me lol it's too absurd not to be

One does wonder what kinds of porn and what movies he watched to arrive at the conclusion that he can ask for all this, while offering exactly ... nothing himself.

He sounds like he never interacted with a woman in real life. Except his mother, perhaps. I guess his mother gives him money, cooks for him, and so on, and he thinks having a girlfriend is the same, plus sex and he can expect her to go to the gym four times a week?

Let me be a leech on your finances and personal life/emotions? In exchange you get to give me head. Who wouldn't want this deal? Women apply now pls hurry im desperate my rent is due soon and I have no job 😭😭

So a woman has to have the time to be his maid and chef (but in her apartment, or does she have to go to wherever he "crashes" and clean and cook for him there, too?), his porn-performing sex slave, go to the gym over half the days of the week minimum, devote a lot of time to this man, have her own apartment (rent or actually own own, I wonder), and yet still have the time to make a minimum of 70,000$ (that she will no doubt be expected to spend on him).

That's never gonna happen, dough boy.

“You need to make a minimum of 70k but you need to be available to me at all times”

Everyone I know making that type of money is usually spending much of their time literally working and do not have time to casually run over to a scrote’s house to give him head whenever he wants and make him his chicken nuggies.

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