the weird hatred on white women continues.

hi, I'm a "conservative evil witch" TERF and I'm not white. stop pretending we don't exist, dumbasses.

Okay, then so maybe the dating app isn't for you? Don't use it. What are you complaining about?

Actually, what conservatives deserve is a knee to the balls for trying to take away rights from anyone remotely challenges their worldview. But sure, y’all, have fun swiping.

Oh, so conservatives deserve to be physically assaulted for their views. How liberal of Jezebel. Honestly, the left is just as fascist as they accuse the right of being. There's rampant insanity on both sides.

I mean yeah conservative men DO deserve to be kicked in the balls if they think women deserve to be forced to birth rape babies. Conservatives actively hate poor people as well, I think it's justified to kick someone in the balls if they work to create laws where I just die of cancer if I don't make 6 figures. Personally I think a kick in the balls is a lot less fascist than forced birth and class warfare against poor people.

Conservatives aren't suddenly awesome just because liberals are also stupid.

This mindset is exactly the problem. No one deserves to be physically attacked for their views. We need to fight bad laws with political activism, not violence. And Jezebel wasn't just talking about abortion. The writer is making a wild claim that conservatives deserve to be attacked because they want to "take away rights" from anyone who "remotely challenges" their worldview. Which is flat out nonsense.

No one deserves violence for their views. So go ahead and kick a conservative in the balls, but you'll be arrested for assault and rightly so. Decide if that's worth it to you.

Exactly! The "left" deserves a knee to the dick for cutting off children's genitals and making the world a better place for AGPs, predators and pedos.

'As we all know', crow the libfebs at Jezebel, the default setting for pronoun-use is "trans-thusiastic". If you don't want to use pronouns, well, here's a fascist-adjacent dating app for you that we going to make fun of because of course only conservatives don't like pronouns! And we'll throw in for free a really lame joke to the effect that they'll have to use proper names only!!'