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Fuck this kid.

Seriously, FUCK YOU. You don't get to decide you're trans for less than a month and then ask your mom to remove something FROM HER BODY that has been there longer than you were capable of forming fucking sentences. You could be "trans" for fucking YEARS and that's still not any of your fucking business to request.

How fucking dare you. How fucking goddamn dare you! And fuck your cousin! Fuck YOU for letting your cousin scream at your mom! She raised you, you ungrateful little shit. She didn't deserve any of the shit you sprung on her. She's already doing her best to fucking accomodate your insane ass request and it still isn't enough. You don't give a shit about your mother, she's nothing but the slave that fed and clothed you and loved you since you were fucking concepted in her womb. Spoilt piece of shit. Take yourself out of the fucking family since you hate it so much. You don't get to sit there and DEMAND the world revolves around you. Especially not to your fucking MOTHER.

You were okay with someone screaming at your mother for not removing something she had for at least 16 years before you learnt about being fucking trans. And you felt happy about it. YOU are the monster here.

I will not feel sympathy if this piece of shit goes the full route for transitioning. Fuck her. FUCK HER. I hope she finds her new glitter fucking family and crashes and burns with them.

I would say the exact same and probably worse about a "MtF" dipshit pulling this crap so don't give me that shit. Assholes like these don't need more coddling or sympathy, that exactly how they became such entitled assholes to begin with.

Mom needed to kick every one of those shitheads out, and then blocked their asses for a few months. Or years in the case of the niece. Nasty little harpies.