HA saw that, and the answers are AMAZING.

The thing I don't understand about "Deadnames". The thing that makes you trans is that you were not born a boy called Kai, so why is it so terrible and awful to acknowledge that you spent the first 15 years of your life as a girl called Amy? Without that you would not be any big deal. You're going to see and hear that name your whole life anyway. Is everyone going to have to change their name to accommodate your phobia?

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Archive for those who want the comments. Note how everyone rushes to affirm "his" gender even while calling "him" TA


Edit: also, here are OP's fucking responses. Oh whoops I hadn't considered my mom was human. I hope she cringes the fuck over this period in her life and it haunts her for eternity when she gets older.

The cousin is also her "best friend" and it sounds like the cousin's family are groomers or at least supportive of their self-grooming.