The people here in the comments saying that this sounds fake lmao why are they acting like it's not plausible and/or having seen it (or done it) themselves? Not to mention, if they're attempting to debunk the post without evidence, I gotta ask why? Why would it matter to anyone to strictly debunk the post if not to attempt the paint "real" trans people as much more reasonable than this? Which we all know they most certainly are not.

Tough shit, trans people are exactly like this AITA post.

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Her mother's depression isn't real, but her own rapid onset gEnDeR dYsPhOrIa is?

What an asshole of a daughter. I bet she’d rant about bodily autonomy in the context of her having a double mastectomy and hysterectomy but not when it comes to her mom’s tattoo.

Tattoo removal is costly and covering it up would be costly, and moreover it’s forcing the mom to do something with her body that she doesn’t want to do. Every single time she’d look at herself in the mirror with a modified or removed tattoo she’d be reminded that she was forced to give up bodily autonomy for her daughter’s trans ideology fueled bullying.

Her mom suffers from depression too, how low can she go?

And then the cousin yelling at her too?

Why on earth do trans believers think it’s okay to literally scream and rage in other people’s faces?

Why do they think they have the right to be aggressive, abusive and awful when they don’t get their way?

TiFs and self-described Queer women I guess see TiMs yelling at women and think it’s okay. It’s as if the entire trans community has adopted domestic violence techniques—techniques of coercive control—to try and control everyone they know?

The TiF in question doesn’t even believe her mother is a transphobe but she’s still on her case.

Her mother has done more than enough by covering up the tattoo with clothing and she is in no way obligated to even do that.

I hope the mom doesn’t give in and have it removed or modified. How sad that she has this tattoo of her children’s names, has loved the tattoo and now her daughter and niece are abusing her over what was a genuine expression of love.

She can’t give in and have it covered up or removed, she has to set boundaries with her daughter and stick to them, and she’s in for a rough ride.

Imagine too if her daughter detransitioned. “Mom, get your tattoo fixed to look like it used to!”

This is SUCH a small issue in the grand scheme of things. It’s like trans people don’t know how to pick their battles, they’re taught by their community to rage until they get their way at the expense of all their relationships.

I commented on this pondering about the irony that she thought her mum's depression was fake but her transness is real

“I am kinda triggered. Therefore, she needs to GET LASER SURGERY TO REVERSE A TATTOO.”

What a fucking idiot.

We cannot pander to these abusive basket cases anymore! This is so infuriating.

Social media has destroyed a generation.

Why are parents letting their children run wild these days? Fuck this kid. Make her pay her own way and she won't have time to worry about this stupid shit.

Yeah, I feel that the kindest thing would be to start demanding rent, and if she doesn't pay up, kick her out.

I mean, I barely have energy to do anything at all after working an eight hour day, I am sure this brat wouldn't have the energy to obsess over her precious gender if she had to work.

More likely than not, in three years she will realize this is nonsense, and detrans. Which means the mother would have removed the tattoo all for naught, and now the daughter would moan about her mother not having her name tattooed.

Look kid, you can change your own body all you want, but in no way do you ever get to demand that other people change their bodies on your whim. You can fuck right off.

She's disgusting, her mom is depressed and she pulls this shit, no shame.

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