This is disgusting. Jeez, I'm bisexual and even I wouldn't touch those wounds with a ten foot pole. How gross.

I just hope he’s one of those delusional creeps who thinks lesbian sex is all about strap ons.

The thought he might expect a woman to go down on one of those things is so disturbing.

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The thought he might expect a woman to go down on one of those things is so disturbing.


There is a murderer in prison who has come out as trans, and been moved to a women's prison. He murdered a TIM after he went down on him and realized he wasn't a woman from the scars the surgery created. It makes no sense that these men think it is safer for them to stealth.

It doesn't really follow anyway that being bisexual would make one any more likely than a monosexual to be attracted to people who undergo self-mutilation surgery.

I meant more that I don't mind being with a man. Of course, I wouldn't touch "girl dick" with a ten-foot pole either.

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Omg lmfao at the “cis” woman. She really hangs out in the trans subs to be their emotional support handmaiden 💀

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These men go to enormous lengths to delude themselves that we can’t tell the difference between a vagina and their mutilated penis. We can tell. Everyone can tell. Have you seen those photos? There ghastly— even the best ones are instantly obvious.

They know that they can’t pass, so they devote their energy to coercing women to lie and say they can’t tell the difference. The only people who can’t tell the difference are the small penis men who fuck HSTS men because they stick their dick in anything

They can't even install them in the right place, FFS.

That is the weirdest thing of it all.

It' s just in the wrong place, you instantly know that there is something wrong with it.

"No gynaecologist/woman can tell the difference!" my ass!

That last comment "How does she know it' s man made?"... because it' s fucking obvious that there is something unnatural about it.

Even people who aren't familiar with penial-inversion/testicular skin rearmament will notice that something if off, even if the surgery was "successful".

All I can think of is that Keffels guy's neovagina and how his "clit" looks like the end of a hotdog. And all the horror stories about how neovaginas smell like a dirty bellybutton (or worse) which makes sense given that it's literally just...a hole lol.

So yeaaaaah, real women can very much tell.

"If I can only ratio enough people, surely my very normal woman vagina will stop spitting out hairballs like some kind of infernal cat. Also, I am a pedophile." - Keffals

I really want to see these 'amazing results' that the trans community keeps insisting exist. I mean, I don't actually, but my point is that I doubt they exist.

I have seen “good” results posted on a plastic surgeon’s website and even what is presumably the best case outcome just looks like mutilated scrotum.

They are actually very disturbing to look at, at some visceral level. At least I found that, I started to feel like I was going to be physically sick even though there was nothing “wrong” in the pictures, nothing green or rotting off or whatever. I can’t properly explain why my body reacted that way. It was just telling me shit ain’t right, I suppose. I never, ever want to look at a picture of “bad” results.

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First of all, he'd never get a lesbian in bed with him cos lesbians don't date/have sex with men. We can clock these men irl within a few minutes at most so he wouldn't get the chance to try and deceive with his fauxgina.

Even if, in some bizarre set of circumstances, a lesbian - any lesbian - found herself facing one of these surgical similacrums it would be clearly apparent that it's a fake. It's in the wrong place, to start with, so that it really is a front hole. The texture is still that of penis and scrotum. The anatomy is never quite right and is always clearly the result of surgery. And the odor is always male. Lesbians know, up close and personal, the scent of a woman, and no man can ever come close to that.