Definition of genocide:

“the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.”

This is honestly so deluded and self centred. People like this harp on about biological sexes being a social construct of the western world which oppresses them and they go and say the most entitled shit like that.

I feel like they were lucky enough to be born into a part of the world where they don’t have to worry about food, healthcare, safety and their human rights being abused (for real, not the way they bleat on) and so they have invented a struggle for themselves.

They can manage to make any situation about them. Many horrific genocides have been committed throughout history and the violence and death is chilling. It’s actually disgusting that this situation is being likened to genocide. This person must be privileged AF to think they’re the same.

Given the millions of females murdered every single day across the world, whether aborted for being female foetuses, murdered by abusive men, or dying from ill-health due to the lack of research about our medical care, I think it's actually women who are being genocided.

Not North American white dudes with mental health issues and a porn addiction.

Also, who the f is killing them? Themselves? It’s not terfs, or even bigoted conservatives. It’s certainly not the lack of plastic surgery and cross sex hormones. Questioning gender ideology isn’t murder. Words can hurt, but they aren’t violence.