No joke, this reads more like genuine fascistic rhetoric than the things he's blathering on about. Claiming they're being exterminated, which they are not, claiming their history/culture/way of life is under attack as an excuse to escalate to violence against their foes, preemptively making the excuse of calling it self defense. It's both stupid and chilling.

Seriously, it sounds like the sort of people that’ll take about “the great replacement” and things like that

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Hitler literally pulled that shit with Jewish people (and the other groups he targeted) leading up to the Holocaust, scapegoating a small minority group for the economic woes of the nation, declaring they were sabotaging the true German people, laying the groundwork for his later atrocities, trying to claim it as an act of self-preservation. It's a pattern that repeats over and over again with oppressive, murderous regimes. It's playing out right now in China with the Uighur population.

Thing is, in our ideal world, there wouldn't be trans people, because they'd get the treatment they need to be mentally healthy people instead. A "genocide" with zero casualties, but they keep dishonestly claiming we want them dead when really we just want them to stop acting like idiots.

Edited to add: The world TRAs are pushing for is literally closer to an actual genocide of "trans people" than anything TERF or even GOP rhetoric advocates; they're the ones actively insisting on being mass sterilized through the medical procedures they demand.

Exactly, reads like a Trump fundraising email to be honest.

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It reads like a Trump rally (which I unfortunately had to listen to a fair few of as part of my job). It was honestly baffling to me that all of the mainstream news posting headlines of how awful this latest thing Trump said chose such relatively tame things in comparison to how he regularly spoke to his base.