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That's fucking rich. If they were forced by it they would stop being misogynistic as soon as they became "women". If anything they seem to get even worse with their misogyny after "transitioning". These men can fuck off.

Also you're not a fucking woman or a lesbian and there's no fucking thing as top or bottom energy, idiot. That's Ao3 shit. Get your brain out of porn and crappy fanfic written by 13 year olds who don't even know where the vagina is

Yeah, same logic as saying transwomen suffragists didn’t exist because they were killed or undocumented. No, shithead, they are men and benefiting from the whole thing. And at the same time they are trying to trans away joan of arc.

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Don’t stop feeling predatory and gross. What little is left of your conscience is trying to tell you something, but of course you’ll never learn because your fetish is all that matters to you, clearly.

He could stop using terms for gay male sex, to start with.

Are white people "forced" to act like they're a part of institutional racism? Do we get to say we don't want our privilege, never asked for it, and say we'll kill ourselves if they say we benefit from it?

Funny that.

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Exactly. And are rich people 'forced' to exploit the poor?

The feigned helplessness act that men do would be laughed at in any other context of oppression. They hold all the power, and yet they act like the patriarchy isn't enforced through their every day choices.

So... He mentions not even having a partner interested in this. Sounds like a lot of time online and in his head.

Holy fuck, my eyes glazed over so much I didn't catch that. That's really pathetic. Knowing these moids it's probably some anime waifu or a tulpa that he jacks off to

This. "trying to be a domme for my ~non~existant~partner". Like lol wat?

Also, what’s with the “I owe it to my partner to be dominant” thing? Like that isn’t the manliest of heteronormative, patriarchal thinking?

Seriously what does “forced to act like a part of the patriarchy” even mean here? Peer pressure to abuse women, maybe? Or misogynistic upbringing? You’re an adult now, you can reject those things without pretending to be a woman.

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It's them thinking that they're the only ones who can cry and threaten to kill themselves if anyone points out that they benefitted (and benefit, present tense) from privilege and immediately get even the most hardcore woke types to back off.

No acting required, they ARE part of the patriarchy.

I'd say, if anything, they are the spearhead of patriarchy.

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