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Wow, this comment:

What’s wrong with paying for sex? If anything, the person offering the services is disgusting

Luckily he's getting down voted, but what kind of heartless cretin says this. He then comments further down

Buying sex isn’t always a desperate move. I’ve done it a few times and I wasn’t desperate.

What an ass clown.

In a way, he's arguing the radfem point of view. Namely that johns look down on prostituted women and call them disgusting, and that they are not poor lonely boys who couldn't get consensual sex.

Proving that radfems are right about the whole thing without actually saying it.

He really told the world , unprompted, that he had to pay women to fuck him.

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Why are men so comfortable openly talking about paying for sex? It seems like it's everywhere now. Wasn't there a time not that long ago when men felt ashamed of themselves for paying for sex?

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“Many of them are lonely”

So being lonely = permission to pay to rape women. Cool. Excellent logic, truly, men are the paragon of unbiased wisdom.

The comments are making me see red, especially after the girl states that her mother was abused by her "clients."

it was a choice your mum made, not all sex work is exploitative

I would always question what one parent divulges about the estranged parent who isn't there to defend themselves.

What’s wrong with paying for sex? If anything, the person offering the services is disgusting

no one took advantage of her, she could’ve worked as a waitress or something else.

the sex industry takes advantage of the male need for a woman.

Not one of them addresses the girl's concern -- her feelings about finding out that her fucking father is a rapist.

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Is it just me, or does the obnoxious reddit watermark make it seem like reddit itself is trying to hush the OP?

wth is that?? damn, I've never seen it before. what browser/phone brand are you using?

Absolutely despicable responses. Two defend paid rape, with one of them adding the only disgusting person involved is OP's mother. Another questions whether OP's mother is lying, and yet another calls her selfish for not getting an abortion...

OP is going to regret even asking this question on reddit. Her view on the situation is correct. She's disgusted by whatever man impregnated her mother, and credits her mother for getting out of prostitution. Fortunately, one response (obviously by a woman) has some good advice on how to deal with knowing her father is an abusive piece of shit, and warns her not to seek this guy out alone.

I just hope she’s turned her DMs off. A 16 year old girl feeling vulnerable on Preddit 😬

People saying "NoT aLl SeX wOrK iS eXpLoItAtIvE" do my nut in, honestly.