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You say [she] had full family support during [her] trans journey. Well, support flows both ways. Tell [her] how important it is to you to honour your ancestor. And why shouldn’t you? Is this valued family figure – part of ALL your collective pasts – destined to become a sort of non-person simply because of your [sister]?

As for [her] refusing to speak to you over this… well, really. [She’s] being over-dramatic and, frankly, ridiculous. In fact, if the naming of [her] little niece is the biggest thing in [her] life [she] has to worry about, [she’s] an extremely lucky [woman].


And the fact that she was named after a fucking suffragette… then does this trans bullshit, I can’t even!

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So is nobody in the world allowed to use this name ever again because this narcissistic fuckup doesn’t like being reminded of reality? What about any BraveAndStunningLaydees who might choose it?

Sister who fancies herself male sounds like she should be cut off.

Call her what you like! (What’s in a name?) And tell your brother to grow up. There’s already one baby on the way.

I was nervous what the answer was going to be. I'm so glad it's this. Pure common sense, how refreshing.

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When a "trans" threatens to get out of your life forever it isn't really a threat. You have to hope it is a promise even if it is a family member, old friend, whoever. If they are "trans" toxic enough to be making manipulative threats and telling you what to say or do, then you are always better without them in your life. Just wish the "trans" well and tell them they are welcome back in your life when they don't try to tell you (and yours - eg: your family and friends) what to say, think, or do.

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If only they would opt out of everybody’s lives! Disappear forever, nothing of value will be lost.

He is still biologically female.

Like there's an option there? It's off handed comments like this that make young people think you can actually change your DNA. The sister is completely narcissistic, but we already knew that part. The sister actually giving birth apparently doesn't know enough about biology either.

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I love that dude. Blunt and utterly correct.

I wonder how her baby niece's name is massively triggering, but it's heavily implied that she wants biological children besides being a "man". Um, one is.... infinite levels more triggering to someone who claims to be triggered over all things female? wtf


I can already imagine a scenario in which two siblings of the opposite sex transition and choose each other's birth names as their new name. And then they'll both hate each other because of using their "dead name".

Wow... Also- there are names that are incredibly common (i recently interacted with a school class of about 25 that had three Maxs and at least two Mias). Would they have to change their names as not to offend a gender-changer?