A young woman told me recently that estrogen makes TiMs shorter and their hands smaller… her source, of course, is a TiM. I gently challenged her to think about that logically and to look into things a bit more on her own…

And even if that were true (obviously not) I’d have even more serious concerns about the bone health of these men

More than a few times I've came across people who think hormones can literally change their chromosomes. The misinformation being spread by the cult is VAST and plentiful.

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If that were true it would mean they're incredibly sick too. Like it's not a good thing.💀

Tell her it's amazing how bones can shrink like that, her friend might just be onto something that could be on the cover of Scientific American!

I mean David Lammy seemed to think TIMs could grow a cervix by taking wrong-sex hormones so, going by that (non-)logic, I suppose a slight change in eye colour isn't beyond the realm of possibility! 🤡

Argh - if real, this person needs to get to an eye doctor asap before they get glaucoma.

I wouldn't be surprised if the same people who believe this nonsense also used to think Alexandria's Genesis was real. That one was also spread by Tumblr if I'm not mistaken.

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Can HRT change your eye color?

I feel like one of my eyes has been changing color as I’ve gone further on hormones… both of my eyes are greenish blue… but the blue is much more pronounced on my left eye than I recall it being in the past.

Well, I wouldn't completely rule it out, because my eyes changed colour when I was about eleven, which I've always assumed had something to do with puberty.

My eye color changed from blue to green during my twenties as i had kids. Each pregnancy resulted in darker, greener eyes.

I know someone whose eye colour changed in his early twenties, to a lighter colour. So yeah, that happens, but ... he didn't take wrong sex hormones, it was probably natural testosterone, if it was related to hormones at all, and not just, idk, ageing.

My eyes (they were such a dark brown they were almost black) lightened considerably during and shortly after my pregnancy, and my OB said it happens sometimes due to hormones, so it's possible.

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These people are idiots. That's why they fall for it.