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"Now"? Lmao he's been at this for a while, he's gone from being a "maybe civil-ish TRA" to fully unhinged, crazy, spittle flying, absolute nonsense pouring out of his garbage mouth. "I am a reaaaaaaal womaaaaan, okaaaaay" will never escape him. Never.

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India Willoughby, @ IndiaWilloughby

I’m 100% a biological woman and female. The fact the GC movement can’t handle this simple fact isn’t my problem. Jealous.

Scottish_Fella, @ Scottish_Fella

Genuine question please.

Do you really, truly believe that you are biologically a women?

Or are you just making the point that your biology has changed somewhat due to hormones and surgery?

Or are you just trolling GC folk for a laugh?

I double dare Himdia to go for a DNA test

He's just made a video. Where he sounds and looks like a bloke.

Where can I see the video? (I'm blocked by him on Twitter, even though my account is dead because I was banned.)

He put it up on Twitter.

I'm also banned. For saying mastectomies are chopping your tits off.