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TiFs never go on and on about their hips shrinking and becoming more masculine on hormones. They never mention their hands and feet getting bigger or their shoulders broadening. Strange that. I've only ever heard them mention their weird froggy muppet voices and the wispy beards they all sport. It's always men waxing lyrical about their magical "tittie skittles" and the wondrous effects that only they seem to be able to notice because when I see a TiM I still see a male body with male attributes. Very straaaaaange 😏🤔

Also funny in that more TIFs tend to come closer to 'passing' in spite of how much less magical testosterone apparently is.

A big handmaiden at my prior work leaned into me once and asked, "Is T [a TIF I worked with] transgender?" Even though T passed pretty well, even this TWAW handmaiden who taught in the Gender Studies department could tell.

Yeah, by 'passing better' I mean a number of people have suspicions but have to ask, lol.

yes, I'm a week in and my butt is bigger/more femme as well as my thighs.

A WEEK???? Your butt and thighs grew visibly larger in a single week?


Seriously, the only thing that can change in a week is your perception of your own body.

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my butt is bigger /more femme

i have no words

Lol as someone who has to occasionally interact with a dude who says shit like this... honestly he just looks uglier and fatter just now with new skin tight clothing. His pants still sit under a huge stomach and need a belt. He literally (at work in an all hands staff meeting) said "hrt is really helping me get a bubble butt" and turned around to show us. It's still flat. I don't know how they convince themselves of this shit.

Can you imagine it being okay for a woman to do this at work? Granted the men wouldn’t report it to HR but it would destroy her credibility and career.

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I thought the exact same thing.

Tell us you’re not a woman without telling us you’re not a woman.

how is this fetish bullshit allowed in a professional environment, wtf

Everyone else in the office is female and trying so hard to be supportive. My boss will likely talk to him privately and tell him it isn't appropriate. She's a good boss so when the worker is young she tries to make sure that she is "guiding" rather than disciplining. I think this should be something that is obvious but she always gives the benefit of the doubt. However it's really telling that no where in communication that the dude can't see does anyone ever refer to him as "she". Only in the group communications. Also almost no one can remember to say "she" in face to face meetings, even with him in the room. We all use his new name (it's unisex and people change their names all the time so whatever) but he's so obviously a man no one remembers to use female pronouns and everyone goes silent and awkward when he says "as a lady" or whatever.

Anyway, everyone's trying to be supportive but inherently failing because he's so obviously a fat ugly dude.

If that's all it took, why would women get BBLs and other cosmetic surgeries to enlarge certain parts of their bodies if they could just do what this nincompoop? Dumb delusional pervs.

Wow his ass is bigger and just one week? It's a miracle!

These men are totally insane.

Actually delusional. Some of them must be taking the piss asking this stuff.

There was a post on r/asktransgender by an MTF asking if anyone else lost height on hormones. Like 20 people in the comments replied they did, with amounts ranging from 0.5-3”. I looked it up and apparently lost muscle mass can cause marginal decreases in height but 3”?? I don’t even know how they can delude themselves that much.

Yeah I've seen those sorts of posts! My theory was the same, muscle atrophy leading to bad posture (especially for terminally online coolers who are already prone to kyphosis) but yeah, several inches is just fiction.

So much wishful thinking going on here…no you’re not turning into real women.

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LMAO haven't seen a TRA mention the "hip tilt" or "pelvic tilt" in a long time. They are truly deluded.

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