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In the US, more than 20 percent of TIMs have HIV, and TIMs are 66 TIMES as likely to have HIV than other people.

But sure. You keep right on stealthing like you don't owe your "identity" and -- can we call it what it is? -- known risk factors for serious STIs such as HIV to your sex partners. Nice how you even blame them for not vetting better.

If having sex with a tim could cure every disease know to humankind I would die tho

In other news - Hon, don't give blow jobs in public. Seriously. If this guy DOES think you're a woman he doesn't think you're cool.

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I like how they're constantly saying that the issue is heterosexual 'cis' people having a 'genital preference' and not a (sexual) orientation towards the opposite sex. Copium

Yeah these gay guys are such rapists it's crazy. I dream of a reality show where they take one of these gay TIMs who's like "genidul preference is transphoooooobic" and then match him with a "passing" TIF. Now let's see you go down on some vag, or admit that YOUR sexual orientation actually matters, while your victims just should agree to be raped by you. I'd watch the shit out of this

I just know if I said something at the start he would probably freak out like 90% of guys, should I have told him when he kissed me?

This reminds me of the time that a coworker told our boss that I was his girlfriend. Eventually he told me that he knew that I would say 'no' so he didn't ask me first.

The comments on r/sex give me hope that the world hasn't gone completely mad- most of them rightfully chewed him out. The comments on r/asktransgender confirm that it's mostly males, because playing fast and loose with consent is such male behavior.

And the sad thing is the men on /r/sex talking about the importance of consent are mostly just repulsed at the thought of hooking up with a TIM. If the victim were a woman, I bet there'd be a lot more justification for his actions.

I actually think their would have been more pushback if it was a woman who was assaulted. If instead, for example, some man wrote that he convinced a drunk girl he was her boyfriend in a dark bar and did something sexual with her, people would rightfully calling it out for what it was: sexual assault. I think I only saw one person come out and say this was sexual assault.

All those men on r/sex are using the threat of violence (from hypothetical other men, they see themselves as good guys) to discourage TIMs from acting like this. “You can’t do that, you might get beat up.” But of course none of them want to unknowingly kiss a TIM in a club. It’s a very clear cut example of how male violence serves the interests of men as a class.

(I wonder if it’s easier to see because a man is the one being threatened. Threats of violence used to keep women in line are so pervasive they’re difficult to notice.)

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Of course he went crying to a trans sub after he didn’t get 100% support on r/sex.

i find it so amusing when guys push other guys' sexual boundaries.

as a woman who was sexually assaulted, I think that is just a bit distasteful. men exhaust me, and I really don't like them generally, especially the kind that rape/justify it.

but I still wouldn't wish what I went through on anyone.

most men also aren't rapists or disrespectful of boundaries (although I think most guys who are promiscuous have pushed a girl's boundaries at least once, but I digress), so it just feels wrong to feel happy when they are assaulted.