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Ladies, this is why we should never post our pictures online.

Some creep will pretend your baby is growing in his colon

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Some creep will pretend your baby is growing in his colon

If only it was an alien growing in his colon. Never mind chestburster, he could have arseburster.

Lies. These lies and liar LARPS are getting more preposterous every week.

We can't get medicine or legislators to care about the poor mortality in the US for Black mothers, and their infants, but let's play pretend for a man. No, thank you.

Shame on any professionals playing into this charade, though I suspect this is all on social media, and in his messed up mind.

“So you’re a biological male who’s managed to get a successful uterine transplant and in vitro fertilization/embryo implantation?”

“That’s right!”

“Wow, that’s a pretty big deal. Who’s your surgeon/obgyn?”

“Uh… he’s in Brazil. You wouldn’t know him.”

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Anybody getting grifted deserves it. Sorry but it's a level of ignorance I can't abide, the man isn't even a con genius, this is some embarassing stuff both for him and anybody believing him

I scanned through that shit show Facebook post, and good lord, why is anyone supporting this? IF there's a baby--big IF--it's being carried by the TIF partner or a surrogate. And yet this dude is just doubling down on saying he has this super secret non-US team of people (doctors?) and that the only place you'll hear about this groundbreaking medical freakshow is direct from him and oh, by the way subscribe to his patreon or pay him $100 an hour to chat about race issues.

How are there so many people just lining up to give him money or kiss his ass? And even some of them are just like "if you don't believe it just mind your own business! Who does it hurt?" Like, ok. Who does it hurt if I say I have fucking cancer when I don't and I get people to fund raise for me and donate to my care? This makes me so angry. Fuck you, dude, but also fuck you to every idiot who just fucking smiles along with this obvious charade--congrats, you're the biggest part of the problem. There have been crazy dudes for all of human history, but people didn't celebrate them and participate in their delusions until recently.

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I don't know what I am more furious about, the fact that they are latching onto and pretending their struggle is anything like a real woman who had a uterus transplant (this dude links to her constantly) or that he is obviously stealing photos of a woman's actual child and pregnancy to parade this delusion around.

He is going to be one of those lunatics that snaps and attacks a real mother and tries to steal her kid.

Poor Beyonce - how many times does this man need to say her name in his AGP wack off post?

They are now claiming the baby is born, healthy and alive. Of course, they haven’t shared any pictures or provided a name.

My team didn’t think we were going to get any 3D photos because our little human is stubborn (as they should be). They were either moving or doing things that prevented my tech from capturing the photos she needed for the Doctor. The ultrasound yesterday overall went very well. My baby is a model just like their mommy. And look at their little foot and that little smile. Nothing else matters but you!! “I’m glad that I’m calming down. Can’t let no one come control me.” @beyonce, “brown skin girl”. We are already so in love. My mother told me that they looked like how I looked when I was baby. My mother in law was amazed at how detailed the 3D photos were and went, “Wow. You can tell exactly who the baby is going to look like.” I replied, “Yes. They have my big nose.” One thing about big noses? I love ‘em. As Beyoncé sings, “I like my baby heir with baby hair and Afros. I like my negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils.” Okay my husband isn’t a negro and doesn’t have Jackson 5 nostrils but I still love him to pieces. Haha. Baby X definitely has daddy’s mouth structure (jaw and lips). Our baby is doing so well. They love listening to music and kicking and tap dancing when mommy sings. My heart is slowly melting and I don’t know what to do with all this joy and excitement. Change is happening whether this world likes it or not and at the end of the day, we’re either ready or we’re not. We’re so ready!! 😍

This post seems to imply that the baby is biologically both him and his TIF wife’s child. I suppose wifey could haven donated an egg, but where did the sperm come from if he really did have a vaginoplasty and uterine transplant?

At this point, I think the TIF is carrying the child, and the TIM is just claiming to be pregnant, and they got pregnant the good old-fashion heterosexual way. After going through pregnancy, I would never let someone else take credit for what I put my body through to grow a child.

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I would never let someone else take credit for what I put my body through to grow a child.

I wouldn't either. Maybe there are enough donations from the gullible to persuade her.

So is this a man pretending to be pregnant? Or is this a gay couple using a surrogate?

I don't know if he's just pretending to be pregnant and there is no baby at all, or if his wife (a TIF) is the one who is pregnant and they are just pretending the man is for attention and money. I don't think their is a surrogate involved, because they appear to be to broke to afford a surrogate (or a uterine transplant, or rent).

Oh okay. Cuz when he said father I thought he was referring to an actual man who provided the sperm, either literally a theoretically for this baby that may or may not exist but is definitely not growing inside of his body. What an absolute mind fuck. What are people commenting? Are they going along with this delusion?

His first post that went viral had a combination of people calling him out and fools tripping over themselves to congratulate him, but since then, he's restricted commenting, so now all the comments are glowing.

Oh, I don't understand this at all. Folie a deux? How is his TIF partner on board with his faking a pregnancy like this? It doesn't seem like she's the one pregnant, but there are plenty of photos of her kissing his "pregnant belly" and acting like an excited father-to-be. I'm very confused by all of this.

I think enough people fell for the grift hook, line, and sinker so they decided to push it even further and pretend the baby is biologically both theirs. If people are going to believe a man is pregnant, I guess it's not too far a stretch to believe a woman got him pregnant?

I don't know, I'm just watching this to see if it ends with a baby, a miscarriage, or them just quietly going offline.