My team didn’t think we were going to get any 3D photos because our little human is stubborn (as they should be). They were either moving or doing things that prevented my tech from capturing the photos she needed for the Doctor. The ultrasound yesterday overall went very well. My baby is a model just like their mommy. And look at their little foot and that little smile. Nothing else matters but you!! “I’m glad that I’m calming down. Can’t let no one come control me.” @beyonce, “brown skin girl”. We are already so in love. My mother told me that they looked like how I looked when I was baby. My mother in law was amazed at how detailed the 3D photos were and went, “Wow. You can tell exactly who the baby is going to look like.” I replied, “Yes. They have my big nose.” One thing about big noses? I love ‘em. As Beyoncé sings, “I like my baby heir with baby hair and Afros. I like my negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils.” Okay my husband isn’t a negro and doesn’t have Jackson 5 nostrils but I still love him to pieces. Haha. Baby X definitely has daddy’s mouth structure (jaw and lips). Our baby is doing so well. They love listening to music and kicking and tap dancing when mommy sings. My heart is slowly melting and I don’t know what to do with all this joy and excitement. Change is happening whether this world likes it or not and at the end of the day, we’re either ready or we’re not. We’re so ready!! 😍

This post seems to imply that the baby is biologically both him and his TIF wife’s child. I suppose wifey could haven donated an egg, but where did the sperm come from if he really did have a vaginoplasty and uterine transplant?

At this point, I think the TIF is carrying the child, and the TIM is just claiming to be pregnant, and they got pregnant the good old-fashion heterosexual way. After going through pregnancy, I would never let someone else take credit for what I put my body through to grow a child.

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I would never let someone else take credit for what I put my body through to grow a child.

I wouldn't either. Maybe there are enough donations from the gullible to persuade her.